Thursday, August 04, 2005

iDip Makeover

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I don’t know if anyone noticed that the blog’s background is not 100% black anymore, it has been changed to “dark grey-ish” black, and since that change I had the intention of a mokeover for my blog.

The Makeover is almost done:

1- I added a phrase to the blog’s description, and it reads: “where a kuwaiti bloke thinks loudly”, scroll up to read.

2- I added a flickr badge.

3- I changed my profile’s picture.
It used to be a Photoshop illustration of my eye. Now it’s a new “a la Picasso” avatar.

The old one
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The new one
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(Link: to create yours).

4- I used to collect or copy links I’m interested in from the internet to the blog, now I created a new blog: “iDip’s Scrapbook”. I moved the bulk of copied material to my scrapbook, to keep things organized & 'cleaner'.

5- I created a third blog called “The MoleBlog” and it’s dedicated to MoleBlogging, MoleBloggers & related stuff.

Your suggestions and recommendations are always appreciated.


Mark said...

background still looks black to me..

Spontaneousnessity said...

me too, but hey it's the idea that counts :P

iDip said...

hmmm strange,

got this from the page source:


MASS said...

still black :S

Spontaneousnessity said...

yep :) hehe ham the idea that counts :P

forzaq8 said...

still black :P

Nunu-San said...

Yup still black =/

EXzombie said...

if u say so... grey oily black

but please answer me this, whats a moleblog....?!?!

mabroook on the improvements...

iDip said...

allah ybarek feek عبدربنا

regarding the MoleBlog, you can know more about it here
and here, I hope it will answer you.


Misguided said...

Dear iDip,

Thanks for the link.... Great site.

And its greyish-black...but I have a the colors are a lot clearer


Nunu-San said...

Mabrook 3al makeover anyway =)