Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pollution 2

For a larger version (B&W) click on the picture.

After reading Zaydoun’s post about the cloud of black smoke (Link), I decided to take a photo of it.
Thanks Zaydoun

You can see how this cloud extends over Kuwait City’s skyline, I noticed this cloud for the first time back in 2003. At that time KOC decided to operate one oil field only in Al-Rawdhtain Oil Fields north of Kuwait (Because of the War in Iraq), and then the smoke got thicker and more visible. I think by now all the fields are operational, but why the cloud still hangs over Kuwait City, that is if my assessment was right.

The picture above was converted to black & white for a better view, if want to take a look at a larger version (cloloured), you can find it here.

Off subject
Interesting examination of wikipedia in the Guardian (Link)
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Sunday, October 16, 2005


"Bloggers Tagging Syndrome"

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Seven things I plan to do:
1-Buy a new laptop
2-Arrange my study (#3)
3-Learn a new language
4-Visiting friend(s) (abroad)
5-A new Agenda
6-Buying Moleskines
7-Read (like before)

Seven things I can do:
1-Not making [phone] calls for 5 days & more
2-bear whiners
3-Stay awake for 40 hours
4-Make Candles
5-elaborating & summarizing
7- Acquire languages

Seven things I can't do:
1-Have a siesta (cause I’ll sleep till the next day)
2-Drive with a manual gear
3-not using my computer
4-Eat Tuna
6-believe in a complete ideology
7-Devolop films

Seven things I say most often:
1-Look at the bright side
2-so what?
3-Yallah 9uba7 khair
5-lalalala (no no no)
6-afa (different usages)
7-why not?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is it happening in Kuwait?

While performing my “Kuwait News” readings ritual, I found an alarming story. It says that Trina Flowers (an American national) was hired by a “technical institute” in Kuwait, and then faced problems regarding an unpleasant incident with Kuwaiti students from the royal family.

I can’t judge the story by some little readings, but it brings up a dangerous issue, which shocks me, and it is:
Is this happening in Kuwait??!!

Then, I found comments by Trina Flowers in a Kuwaiti blog, she said:

“I have written a book about my case and I would bet that the Kuwaitis who have been a part of this won't find it entertaining either (such as a high court judge that forged court documents and then produced this false evidence to a couple of sheiks who knew what he had done). His name and the evidence is in my book along with the transcripts of the recorded conversations.”

I really don’t find it entertaining, my main concern in not the people with power or connections. What I do care about is our Judicial system, if court documents were “forged”, I think we (as a country) is in a great dilemma. Not because she’s American, but because she’s a human – period

I wish there’s some kind of misunderstanding. If not, who erred must be charged, regardless of who he is.

Relevant Press Release
Trina Flowers Comments