Thursday, August 24, 2006


Escueto, originally uploaded by Lou Rouge.

1- Are you happy with your blog layout as well as posts?

Sort of, I like the black background since the beginning, but I feel the sidebar is a bit crowded & needs trimming.

Let me say: satisfied, since most of my posts are not up to the level I want them to be at. Sometimes I think of a certain post as a step forward, while other posts seem like additions or updates :\

2- Does your immediate family know about your blog?

Yes, but they're –generally- infrequent readers, some of them call it "website", and some show an interest by reading other Kuwaiti blogs and having an intention to start their own.

3- Do you find it embarrassing to tell a friend about your blog?

No, my friends discuss my posts (every now & then) and ask me about updates.

4- Do you consider blogging a private matter?

Private in the sense of its origin (see: author), but if you come to think about it, we publish our posts to interact & share with the world, with no exception.

So, I think privacy is only found in our quasi-anonymous identities (nickname/alias/profile), while the rest is not ours but everyone else’s, or as G.K. Gebran put it:
أولادكم ليسوا لكم، أولادكم أبناء الحياة

5- Did blogging positively affect your thoughts?

Yes indeed, especially while reading other blogs. Everyday I learn something new, be it a new idea, technique, meal, story, news …etc you name it.

6- Do you visit the ones who usually visit you? Or do you open yourself to a bigger sphere in the Net?

I started reading a small number of blogs, by accessing them directly. Then I started to read posts from any Kuwaiti blog Safat sends me to.

Currently, I'm using RSS feeds (sage) to read updates from the blogs I like & enjoy, Kuwaitis & non-Kuwaitis alike.

7- Is the number of visitors important to you? Or you care more for your commentators?

I care about what people show interest in, by "analyzing" the “comments X visits” tendency, and by checking what people usually check or look for in my blog (through my stats).

8- Did you try to imagine your commentator's physical appearance?

No, but I imagine their "mental age" which is reflected in their posts & discussions. I prefer the experienced ones, you never regret reading or having a discussion with them, whether they share your viewpoints/beliefs or not.

9- Did you find a real benefit from blogging?

Nice people, knowledge, good time… Yes I did.

10- Do you feel that the blog-o-sphere is an isolated entity from the actions in the world around you?

When I took my first step in blogging, I thought it was. But after spending almost two months blogging, I found out that the blogosphere is not isolated (some exceptions exist). I think of it now as the “other side” and the rest as Plato’s cave, since bloggers have dual nationalities, the first in the physical world and a related one in “Cyberia”.

11- Does a commentator's criticism bother you, or do you think that criticism is a healthy debate?

It doesn’t if I did, said or expressed something I’m not sure or aware of. Because such criticism will help me to create a more comprehensive idea about what I post about, give me an opportunity to think through several points of view and present me to new frontiers.

What bothers me, or let me say “concerns me” is people’s opinions & stances that are merely built on unexamined information, prejudice or maliciousness.

Criticism is a beneficial mean, it opens new windows for our thoughts, so it’s welcome here.

12- Do you have paranoia toward some political blogs and do you try to avoid them? Were you shocked that some bloggers were arrested?

At ll, actually it’s like:
قطو وطقيته بمصير

As for arresting blogger, I feel sickened whenever I know about such incidents.

13- Have you ever thought about your blog's fate after your death?

Yes I did, as one of the things I thought about after my decease. My e-mails, blog, writings, pictures, notes, computers and several personal assets.

14- What is the song that you'd like to have it linked to your blog?

Marcel Khalife’s “Passport”. (Mahmoud Darwish’s Poem)


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I somtimes wish there's an option that we can choose that after we die, will reply back to emails saying hey, guess what, I left this world forever. Now, I wish for a similar one for my blog. Just to pass a msg to other bloggers that I'm not here anymore..

Erzulie said...

I like your answers :)

I didn't know about bloggers being arrested. That's...well I don't think there is any word that fits how horrible that is :/

AyyA said...
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AyyA said...

Very clever answers, I’m so happy I tagged you :p
My favorite is “I think of it now as the “other side” and the rest as Plato’s cave, since bloggers have dual nationalities, the first in the physical world and a related one in “Cyberia” LOL

iDip said...

it would be great!
but for the time being, we can use:

we don't know when are we going to die though!

thanks :)

unfortunately there are some around us, like Bahrain & Iran. (from Bahrain)

pleasure is mine Dear :)

I think you should read more Mahmoud Darwish poetry, you'll love it!

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

أولادكم ليسوا لكم، أولادكم أبناء الحياة

خوش اجوبة , انا الحين بحط البوست مالي بس مااعتقد اجوبتي أس سمارت أس يورز


Q said...

I really like ur blog, but I have a thing against black backgrounds :/

It hurts my eyes after going from a black background to any other site!

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog
Check out ours:

iDip said...

Kila Ma6goog,

سمارت ايه يا راجل
دي بس بركات البلوجرز

I didn't mean to hurt anyone's eyes, sorry!

try to visit another "dark background" (like Zaydoun's for example) before going to the "white ones" ;)

thank you for the invitation