Friday, September 15, 2006

سهرابي، مبارك أنت بين الخياطين

Al-Zubara Fortress - Nomad, originally uploaded by iDip.

Inspired by Kleio's "Retail Therapy".

Neil Boorman (Savonarola of the 21st century) is up to something serious, and he’s not looking back. [Read]

Mr. Boorman wrote:
I now realise that it's these damn brands that are the source of the pain. For every new status symbol I acquire, for every new extension to my identity that I buy, I lose a piece of myself to the brands. I placed my trust, even some love with these companies, and what have I had in return for my loyalty and my faith? Absolutely nothing. How could they, they're just brands.”

Some may argue that Brands = Quality, but does showing off = well-being? that’s the question.

I -for one- feel surrounded by brands like: Apple, Nikon & Sony Ericsson, and they’re “wear-able” too. Just like any high street clothes, they all display a Designer’s name or logo, and this lessens my personal space.

Many items are exclusive, like the ones that only one producer can offer. Others are offered by producers not keen to show off their names or logos. The rest are “Statement items”, the ones that are bought for the sake of fake well-being.

There’s a bottom line we need to maintain, if we wish to.
Which one of the mentioned above items we want or like to have? and what are we looking for in the first place?

We’re being consumed by Branding & Consumerism. Even Che Guevara (the anti-Imperialism Guerrilla) became a victim to the growing make-money-out-of-anything mentality.

Now, look at yourself & your belongings. How personal/individual do you feel/look?

Thank God we have Dishdashas!

This post was brought to you by: an Apple computer, a account & photo sharing service!!


Delicately Realistic said...

*Looking at my Starbucks coffee, nokia phone, my designer bag, my.... and my .... and my ...... and the list goes on....while i listen to my iPod*

GOD! And im not even at home!

This is NOT good. I admit. But at least i feel good :P

Anonymous said...

it's no wonder big corporations are coming up with customize your own thing .. maybe that will bring back some of ur lost personal space but i doubt it .. anyways where's the al-zubara fortress?

White Wings said...

I have a problem with some particular brands that are known for child labor for example and other "immoral" issues, but other wise I like to shop brands at sale prices, rarely do I buy a brand-name item for original price, number one because I cannot afford them and number two because I know they will go on sale soon and break my heart :)
seriously, I think that enjoying brands is acceptable, but oppsessing is never acceptable I guess about any and every thing

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

مالي خلق افهم البوست

3asal said...

I think when it comes to brands for me it depends of what product. Yes I will spend on cars, cameras, computers, not for the showing off purpose; more for quality. Yet when it comes to clothes or hand bags or even watches, I don’t really care. The problem is with the society, I mean family and friends pressure you to keep a certain image when you’re with them. As for me I keep a few just to avoid their criticism, but that’s not my normal purchasing. When I shop for clothing I just get whatever I like; could be a brand or not. Sometimes it could be as cheap as 5 KD, but that doesn’t bother me if I like it. Most of the brands I got ended up in maids closets anyway, and I find it silly to spend so much on something that I will not make a good use for.

الكويتي الحر said...

بالظبط مطقوق


Erzulie said...

Hmm! Strange that you posted it now!

Ruth or Truth said...

قريت بوستك عن الجار الله صاحب السياسه؛
ولفت انتباهي ذكرك على قولتك للمرحوم جبران التويني:
وراس امك ها وراس امك انت قريت مقاله واحده حق جبران تويني؟
وراس امك رد!

هذا انتو ياالكويتيين معاهم معاهم عليهم عليهم؛اي سمعنا في واحد اسمه جبران تويني يمدحونه عيل خلاص احنا ربع معاه!

Equalizer said...

I am beginning to dislike places where brands are overwhelming and the local mom and pop stores are shutting down. Look at all major cities. They look the same, wherever you look its the same brand. Go to any mall in Kuwait and it probably has the same brands as the other. With a world bombarded with products and very little time to choose, only brands can provide a quicker hassle free choice, but not neccessarily the best.

iDip said...

"im not even at home"
exactly! ;)

in Qatar

White Wings,
you're right. and when people get obsessed with a product/producer, it's the time they start to lose their personal "economic identity". I'm no different thought :(

Kila Ma6goog
الكويتي الحر

على راحتكم

electronics are less "showing-off-able" than clothes & accesories.... so I think we need to get geeky to escape and to get rid of family & friends pressure or criticism ;)

it's just something that got on my nerves, and the blog come in handy for such feelings... what is blogging for?! :)

Ruth or Truth,

Malls are like clones of each other.

Your're right, just think of a picture of 3 or 4 shops in any given mall.. can we tell which mall are we looking at?!

in addition, enternpruners are not encouraged the way they need to be.

3asal said...

I’m worse than geeky, my friends and relatives call me hippie ;) said...

First of all, I loved the title ;)

Second, when you buy a brand then you are buying more than just a product, you are buying a product with a statement. What does that mean?

The iPod, for example, is it 'just' an mp3 player? Sure it looks nice, and sure it's easy to use and has many nice features (as if anybody need or really use them), but is that why it is so popular?

Question, would you discard your original white (and in my opinion crappy) ear pods for a dull black ones even if they gave you better sound? I'm sure it would be a hard decision because the white ear pods are the only visible part of the iPod when you are walking in public. Why is it so hard?

When you show people that you are using an iPod then you are saying:

Look at me! I'm hip.. I know what the latest technology is and I'm using it.. I am part of a generation which doesn’t have time to fast forward, rewind and -God forbid- change a tape or CD to get to the music.. I know that my choice is the best because the gadget I'm using is the same as the one which appear in the movies, TV and music videos.. That movie star could have bought any brand she could, but no, she is using the same brand as mine.. so it must be good.. Now look at me, I know how to choose my 'Stuff'!

Yes, the brand is making you say all of this; it is saying it for you. It's not about how much it cost and it's definitely not about the quality of the product, it's about that statement. It's not bad to show that you are a smart person who knows how to decide, but is this how you want to show it? This is the question.