Friday, May 18, 2007

Tuesday.... "was dark & dingy"

How to name your own country.
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Well, after the brawl of our DISTINGUISHED MPs, I decided to do something cheerful. So, I became the 58,164th citizen of the micronation "Lovely". Join me

Lovely is nice & lovely micronation, where the King is a humourist and the national drink is Tea, Can I ask for more? yes a flickr-like flag & a National Anthem.

This micronation is located in Danny Wallace's apartment in Bow (London), just 10 kilometers from Kuwait's Embassy (in case you want to report your dual citizenship).

More about Lovely (official website - Wikipedia - BBC)

Lovely is now on hiatus due to the hectic schedules of HRH King Danny I.

Back to my first home-country, Kuwait.

Ali Jaber Al-Ali (another Ali) has something interesting about journalism in Kuwait. While giving some interesting background info on Kuwaiti dailies, he mentions 4 of the 5 sisters, apart from Al-Qabas.

"If the headline is big enough, it makes the news big enough."
(Orson Welles in "Citizen Kane")

Do you think this is Khalifa Ali Al-Khalifa's motto? since any piece of news could be an 8-columns first page headline.


While I was away:
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EXzombie said...

I was a Lovely citizen almost a year ago, I forgot the name and password, so I registered again and now I'm No. 58,165.....!!!

on other issues, right now we know how to get away from anything, no wasta no nothing, you only have to have a newspaper, it'll give you higher power than the Amir and goverment.....!!!

أبو إسحق said...

توني سجلت و صرت مواطن !

اشكرك على اختيار المقال - معلومات يديده علي و حلوه

و شكرا على وضعك موضوعي عن يونس بحري

تحياتي لك ،،،

EXzombie said...

شسالفة جنه السوق واقف، انا حتى الي يسبوني وقفوا.........!!!

مريح صار لي جم يوم حتى ايميلات ما قامت توصلني.....!!!

الظاهر لقوا لهم واحد ثاني

الطارق said...

حياك بالمدونة بغيتك بكلمة راس ، الدعوة لك شخصيا بالدرجة الاولى ، ولمن أحب من ضيوفك الكرام :)


Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

خوش كلام

alex said...

Alia said...

a new blog

Do you know all blogs???
I envy you .. you're so active

Zaydoun said...

Do i need a visa to visit Lovely?

iDip said...

I'll apply for a newspaper. But I don't have 250,000KD. Will you be my partner?! ;)

ابو اسحق

حييت بين اهلك مواطني
بس الظاهر الديرة مقفلة ومحد يدري عنها هالايام
أحسن... لا عوار راس ولا يحزنون

Kila Ma6goog,
شكرا شكرا

و نص
أمس مسوي لي
15 new posts
بس تذكرت حديث
من كان منكم يؤمن بالله واليوم الآخر فليقل خيراً أو ليصمت


Of course, do you think that Lovely is less sovereign than the UK?!
you can apply here

White Wings said...

in the land of the Lovely, how is the housing? do they give marriage loans and will i have to pay for water and electricity? :)
loved the story of Younis al-Bahri
and hated Diab-Al-Awadi performance..cheepy, don't you think?

White Wings said...
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Shurouq said...

Allah! I want one too.

"Rosebud" was my password for a looong time.

We love your posts
وكل كلامك خيراً
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