Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is it happening in Kuwait?

While performing my “Kuwait News” readings ritual, I found an alarming story. It says that Trina Flowers (an American national) was hired by a “technical institute” in Kuwait, and then faced problems regarding an unpleasant incident with Kuwaiti students from the royal family.

I can’t judge the story by some little readings, but it brings up a dangerous issue, which shocks me, and it is:
Is this happening in Kuwait??!!

Then, I found comments by Trina Flowers in a Kuwaiti blog, she said:

“I have written a book about my case and I would bet that the Kuwaitis who have been a part of this won't find it entertaining either (such as a high court judge that forged court documents and then produced this false evidence to a couple of sheiks who knew what he had done). His name and the evidence is in my book along with the transcripts of the recorded conversations.”

I really don’t find it entertaining, my main concern in not the people with power or connections. What I do care about is our Judicial system, if court documents were “forged”, I think we (as a country) is in a great dilemma. Not because she’s American, but because she’s a human – period

I wish there’s some kind of misunderstanding. If not, who erred must be charged, regardless of who he is.

Relevant Press Release
Trina Flowers Comments


McArabian said...

Ok, two things:

1) This article was written by one John Locke (I doubt that's his real name) who had no qualms defaming US embassy officials without citing evidence to support it. Saying "well documented" does not evidence make.

2) That being said, it doesn't excuse the mistreatment of Ms. Flowers. Then again, her passport was expired, what the hell were they supposed to do? Also, keep in mind that Ms.Flowers came into Kuwait with an agenda, and was probably sorely disappointed when it has not been met. There had to be a major cultural misunderstanding going on here: I've never heard of someone going to jail because they refused to pass Sabah kids. I've studied with Sabah kids most of my life, and they pass and fail just like the rest of us.

I do believe there's corruption in Kuwait, don't get me wrong, but I think Ms.Flowers came to the wrong country to fight against it. Outsiders have never been welcomed into Kuwaiti politics, and they probably won't be in the future. The fact that Ms.Flowers is trying to "fight the system" in the old fashioned American way shows that she knows very little about how to deal with things in Kuwait. I don't see Ms.Flowers saying anything about the 6-11 Kuwaiti detainees at G.bay. Yeah, those who live in glass houses should not throw rocks.

Delicately Realistic said...

I know Miss Trina, she taught me when she first came to Kuwait. She's quite a character. She only stayed for a year at my faculty, then she disappeared. I saw her a couple of years later at Ruby's Tuesday and when I asked what she was doing now, she told me I'm (something I didn't hear very well cuz of the noise, but it had something to do with civil rights).

McArabian has a point.

I'd like to know what kind of institute was this? A school? A university??? Doesn't make sense. But maybe thats because I didn't read everything. I will later.

nibaq said...

There some numbers in that "press release" we should give them a call and see what it is all about. I can write a press release tomorrow and have it on that site stating that I want to take over the animals in Friday market and start a real life Animal Farm where everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

I've seen Trina comments elsewhere and she also wrote this book about Kuwait that nobody heard about.

Here is another press release, but something caught me in this one.

Seems she didn't want the American Embassy to take her picture so she can be issued a new passport and be deported.

I dont know about you guys, if I was in a country that I believe and know has a corrupt justice system and had some evidence to say about the government of such a country. I would be in the first plane out of there to be safe, and be able to spread the word out.

There is a lot of bias and red flags in that thing, something doesn't smell right and it is coming from her side.

shady q80 said...

Sad, I know nothing of her or her case but I can tell you this. Judges in this country can be paid off, verdicts are for sale.

Justice is socially sanctioned revenge.

William said...

The justice system can be bought off almost anywhere. Money and politics talk.

I haven't heard anything about this case, but I venture to guess there is more to it then that. For one, you don't go into a country not your own and decide to get pro-active. One of the things I am fond of telling co-workers over here is "You're not in America anymore, are you?"

It would probably be better for her if she left. She might end up prying to much and get herself in lots of trouble. I'm all for non-corruption in the government and stuff, and I applaud her if she was trying to change things, but if she has all this information the thing is claiming, she should leave and spread the word there, hehe.

I'm sure the article has inaccuracies. It's stories like this that i read, and see people jumping to the defense of the "victim", but they really don't know what's going on. Hell, she might have been the "bad guy" in all of this.

The Stallion said...

McArabian, Nibaq, and Shady well everyone has a point! Everyone is right! The question is, if she did write a book what's it called?

forzaq8 said...

only 2 news items on her
one you linked to and the other also a site that publish press realse

John Locke said...

"It's happening in Kuwait".. You bet it is. Trina Flowers is an American educator and this has happened to her. Imagine some poor Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan or a Pilipino what they go through in Kuwait's most inhumane and corrupt judicial system. Most of my sleepyhead US/UK returned Kuwaiti friends (with all their do-gooders wishful thinking) have never visited the labor camps operated by some of the most prominent and respected Kuwaiti business families. Most of the Kuwaitis know very well how much racism and suppression exists in Kuwait. We as Americans and Brits know too well and find it to say the least, an appalling condition that prevails here. Despite the ritualistic 5 times a day praying and the rest of peer pressure exhibitionist's daily chores that are performed by the bigoted Kuwaitis, they don't fool anyone. I have yet to find one non-Kuwaiti in Kuwait who speaks good about them. If anyone disagrees with this situation that is of epidemic proportion they must be totally drugged or in deniable state of mind (if there is any mind left after womanizing, drinking alcohol and sniffing coke, gossiping night and day about others and living off a short lived oil loot that will soon end). Wonder what would majority of these Kuwaitis do when the oil is not a factor? I saw them during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait for 8 months when Kuwait was Iraq.. Remember? I have never witnessed such a sad group of idiots in 5 star hotels in Egypt, Lebanon, Damascus, London, Geneva and almost in every major city of Europe totally aloofed of the loss of their country as they whiled away the hours and days and weeks and months gambling, womanizing, drinking, and what have you. It speaks of a country's people and their future. Look what Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other small countries have made their countries and no oil! If you take the oil factor out of Kuwait or any of the Gulf countries these idiots got nothing left and then we have to send specialists to teach them how to ride camels which wont require high octane gas to run on! This is what has happened to Kuwaitis.. from camels to cars and you can see them drive the way the do. It easily demonstrate how used to they are of riding camels and came carts instead of cars.

Wanna see the truth about Kuwaiti courts go visit a few times. Obviously your surface coated phony pride won't allow you to visit the jails or the filthy dirty labor camps. You have absolutely no idea how bad things are in Kuwait for the third world country's highly educated proud people with cultural history that will make Kuwait look primitive. these people come and work in Kuwait just to support their families. Sacrifices these educated professionals make, makes any one humble. Being an American I find myself so small in front of these Indians, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankan, Pilipino, Chinese, Indonesians, etc., that their level of sacrifice is towering in comparison to mine. Yet the ignorant and arrogant Kuwaitis could never even think or even perceive what a sacrifice means except their phony gifts and equally phony hugs and kisses they so shamelessly demonstrate in public to impress each other.

As far as Miss Trina Flower's horror story is concerned, this great woman sacrificed her everything just to fight the injustices of Kuwait's horrific court and police system. She was made homeless, jobless, moneyless (when she was illegally deported she had one and a half dollar in her pocket)and Kuwaiti judicial system failed miserably while she defeated Kuwaiti courts and the idiots with wasta.

Her antagonism started with the Prime Minister and that level of that kind of wasta no one could fight even the biggest families with all the connection and wastas.

Without going into details, Trina's fiasco would cost Kuwait a lot of humiliation and I bet anger too. There are a few and far between Kuwaitis who are decent and educated with a sense of self respect that they would not tolerate such illegalities and inhumane treatment of people. Trina is an American educator an she would give Kuwait run for its money but the poor and helpless have no way out once they are caught up in Kuwait's corrupt system.

Idiots who can't see beyond their noses and fat bellies think that money could solve all the problems that Trina could create, are again living in a la la land. We have the people's power and no money is big enough to override the current of people's power in the West. If money was that stronger power, billionaires in America and the past Presidents could have kept many things under the rug. So Kuwait be prepared for a very rough ride ahead ... compliments of Trina Flowers. Let's see how many would fall from their phony grace in Kuwait when she hits the TV circuit in the USA?

What a shame for Kuwait to waste an opportunity to make use of more than one million expats working here. Instead of using this unique opportunity to create a good will and positive feeling among the larger number of the population of expats, Kuwait has wasted it completely. Every expat is a testimonial to Kuwaiti people and their ways and value system. So just imagine what kind of feelings and experience these million plus expats leave Kuwait with and what do they speak of Kuwait when they are gone. Besides all the hoopla of Islam and the rest of the exhibitionist’s nonsense, what is it that Kuwait could be proud of. May be Oil. But who's got the largest amount of oil on planet earth? Surprisingly it is the good old US of A. But again principals of economics dictate that its lot cheaper to by Arab oil than to produce our own.

By the way to all those self righteous patriotic Kuwaitis, read the Master Plan of the Middle East by the Neo Cons. If you can read it without getting emotionally wild, you will find that there is no Kuwait on the map of the Master Plan! Where do you think Kuwait went? What happened to it? Go read and find out for yourself.

Ben Rivard said...

Yes, it is happening in Kuwait.

Female American teacher Trina Flowers used to teach English at the Kuwait University at the faculty of medicine. After completing her one year contract, she was offered a position at A’takamul Int’l School whose C.E.O. is Dr. Ibrahim Al Khulaifi who used to work for the martyr’s bureau at the Amiri Diwan.

In March 2002, Miss Flowers claimed that she was fired from the school under false pretexts because she refused to pass students who had failed. She filed a complaint at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor where she was not allowed to testify and present documents supporting her claim. On the other hand, the lawyer representing the school was allowed to proceed unopposed. The M of SA&L, most probably because of Al Khulaifi’s wasta, decided not to get involved in the case even though it was the Ministry’s jurisdiction and responsibility to enforce the contract between the parties. Miss Flowers was told to file her case in Labor Court if she wished to pursue the matter.

On April 23rd 2002, Miss Flowers filed case 550/2002, Labour First Instance /8 against her employer requesting financial compensation for the remaining period of her contract. On January 12th 2003, the Labour Court ruled in favor of Miss Flowers stating that the reasons for firing Miss Flowers were unsubstantiated and, because of a mistake made by the experts department in the report 1082 / F1 / 2002, the school was ordered to pay only half of her labor dues.

In retaliation, on February 9th 2003, an absconding case was filed by the employer at the Rumaithiya police station against Miss Flowers. The employer made a false declaration stating she was absconding when in fact, there was a case in court because he had fired her almost a year before. As a result, an arrest warrant was issued against her. On the very same day, the school appealed the ruling in case 141 / 2003 – Labor / 2. On October 12th 2003, the Appeal Court upheld the previous ruling in favor of Miss Flowers.

At this point, Miss Flowers had been unemployed for 19 months and had not received a single fils to support herself. During the legal proceedings, Miss Flowers had asked the M of SA&L to authorize the transfer of her residency under another sponsor to be allowed to work to support her basic needs. Also, her residency which was set to expire on December 25th 2002 was automatically extended until the end of the case. The Ministry refused her request even though she was authorized to do so under the labor law. As a result, she could no longer pay for her flat and other basic needs. She had promised the owner to pay the rent as soon as the court would release her money but in vain. A Good Samaritan had given her some money to pay for her flat but the new owner who was renting the other flats for twice as much didn’t miss this opportunity. He refused to take her money and had her thrown out of her flat in March 2004. She then used the money given to her to rent the cheapest flat she could find and support herself until she could legalize her status and be allowed to work or leave Kuwait of her own free will.

Meanwhile, she had been to the Hawally court more than a hundred times to collect the money awarded to her in the labor case but, due to corruption, she was always told to come back the following week. As a result, those she owed money to wouldn’t wait any longer and had filed cases and travel bans against her. Playing the stupid game, the court clerks were asking her to pay these people before releasing her money which was meant to pay her depts. As a result, she was not able to get her due until October 4th 2004 on which day; the Consul of the American embassy accompanied her to the court and wasn’t going to leave the building until she gets her money.

At this point, she had been unemployed for 31 months; she had false absconding charges filed against her; an arrest warrant was still in effect because of the false statement provided by the employer; she had travel bans against her; her residency had expired so any services requiring a valid residency were denied since December 25th 2002 and; she was not allowed to work.

Even though she had legal rights, she was treated as an illegal but couldn’t leave Kuwait due to travel bans.

The complicity between her ex-employer, the M of SA&L and the Ministry of Interior made her life in Kuwait literally impossible. Many times she went to the MOI about the false absconding charges and when she produced the court documents proving she was illegally fired and wasn’t absconding, some police officers ignored the evidences and detained her on three different occasions. She tried to file criminal charges against her ex-employer for filing false charges in order to mislead the authorities but every time, the public prosecution and the police stations refused to take the complaint without giving any reasons.

While fighting for her legal and human rights, other expatriate workers and Kuwaitis asked her for help with their own legal issues which she always did for free even though she needed the money. She visited every ministries, government bodies and human rights groups for help. Very few people actually tried to help and every time they looked into her case and realized how much corruption was involved, they became too scared to do anything. As a result, because she was continuously denied her rights, she became more frustrated and desperate but determined to fight for her rights no matter what.

As she became more vocal and started to publish on the internet about her case and others, once again, wasta and corruption came into play. She was arrested on September 29th 2005, detained then deported on October 17th 2005 after being victimized by a corrupt system for 3 years and 7 months while she never got legal remedy for the abuse she was victim of. She had committed no crime and all she was asking for was her legal rights to be respected. Instead, the rules of corruption were enforced and the victim was punished.

I witnessed all of it and saw all supporting documents.

Trina Flowers said...


"For evil to triumph all we need is for good men to do nothing."

Trina Flowers said...


You wrote: "This article was written by one John Locke (I doubt that's his real name) who had no qualms defaming US embassy officials without citing evidence to support it. Saying "well documented" does not evidence make."

I have the evidence.

FYI: DC has called the appropriate ministry in Kuwait to gather information on why high-ranking officials broke their own laws.

I didn't go to Kuwait to change things, but I damn sure was and still am fighting for my legal rights (for myself and others). And guess what else, I won't stop.

Kuwait started the "game" by violating their own laws and I'm calling their bluff. I have ALL the aces and when the time is right I'll lay down all my cards!

PISSonQ8 said...

Hey Trina , Hey ben.. locke...

keep on keeping on. Trina once again thanks for the birthday steak treat.

Just a mention here as i was reading the comments
Hey mcarabian

Like millions of us who travel across the oceans, we all have an agenda. Could it be, her's was in the hope of better a life, for herself and family, like the rest of us? i feel Trina went there for the same reasons. Not to pick a fight, but to earn a decent living. sadly, arabs know not the meaning of the word..DECENT.

In Kuwait, u need not pick a fight one to have one, rape, murder, burglary, slavery are a way of life for these camel jockeys.

To mcarabuian : John Locke's name is as real as yours. Whats in a name?

my name is Mohammed Ali Sulaiman ...ahemm..

im sure you guys figgured out who i am..lol..

Im alive and well.. im in Goa drinking beer, smoking grass with a few of our Arab bretheren. Get them stoned and push em of a cliff..


Unknown said...

And as of August 2010, under new management, A Takamul are still stitching up people, stealing money, failing to provide work visas for their staff.......who or what os their wasta and how do they get away with it year after year?

Kuwaiti and ashamed.