Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pollution 2

For a larger version (B&W) click on the picture.

After reading Zaydoun’s post about the cloud of black smoke (Link), I decided to take a photo of it.
Thanks Zaydoun

You can see how this cloud extends over Kuwait City’s skyline, I noticed this cloud for the first time back in 2003. At that time KOC decided to operate one oil field only in Al-Rawdhtain Oil Fields north of Kuwait (Because of the War in Iraq), and then the smoke got thicker and more visible. I think by now all the fields are operational, but why the cloud still hangs over Kuwait City, that is if my assessment was right.

The picture above was converted to black & white for a better view, if want to take a look at a larger version (cloloured), you can find it here.

Off subject
Interesting examination of wikipedia in the Guardian (Link)
Cheers Mate


بومريوم said...

خوش صوره:)

التلوث حجمه كبير بالكويت...
الغازات اللى تنبعث من المصافى يوميا حجمها كبيره و تسبب السرطان بس هى غير مرئيه..و هنى المشكله
الوضع البيئى بالكويت من أسوأ الى اسوأ

Shurouq said...

Isn't it sad :(

Jazz Central said...

I know the picture is about pollution, which is a shame...but the photo is a good shot. I love balck and white photography. I took years of photography courses in college.

Anonymous said...

الله يعينكم

منطقه تحلية المياه عند كورنيش جدة وهي منطقة سكنيه للاسف

اعرف كثير اضطروا ينقلون من بيوتهم بسبب تلوث المنطقة

الحمدالله الحين بينقلون التحلية لشمال جدة.. الله يعين

iDip said...

Bu Maryoum,
Thank you ...
it is getting worse, what shall I say ..
pollution ...
"nufooq" ...
some say uranium ...
Cancer danger in Umm El-Haiman ..

and the list is growing


Thank you :)

Amen ...
3endina o 3indikum khair