Sunday, June 26, 2005

AhmediNejad & two bloggers

While surfing the web I came across two bloggers:

The first
is just like most of the Kuwaiti Bloggers, an anonymous one. What I know about him/her is being conservative.

On his/her blog there is post, where he/she congratulates the Iranian President-elect AhmediNejad, and prays for Allah to support AhmediNejad against the 'enemies of Allah'.

On the other Hand, I found a Blog that belongs to the Godfather of the Iranian Blogosphere (according to LA Times). He’s called Hossein Derakhshan (aka ‘Hoder’), blogging since June 2002.

In his blog, I found two interesting posts. The first one is about text messaging (aka texting) during the elections in Iran. (A similar post in my blog).
While in the other more interesting post, he compares the condition in Iran between what Happens today, and what will happen when AhmediNejad officially takes office.

(BTW Kuwaiti Bloggers: The New President will take office on 02-08-05!!!)

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