Saturday, June 18, 2005

Kuwait Independence Day

19th June 1961 - 19th June 2005

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44 Years of Independence

The State of Kuwait is now 44 years old. Maybe it's not old enough, but I think this small country had a hectic history, full of controversies & crises, the most remarkable of which was the Iraqi Invasion (1990-1991).

I'm one of the 'Baba Jaber Generation', I didn’t have the opportunity (it wasn't my choice) to live the era of Late Sheikh Abdulla Al-Salem Al-Sabah (1950-1965), the Father of Modern Kuwait.

I don't regret living our time, it did have a very horrible memory (see: Invasion), but living through this severe crisis made me feel more patriotic & closer to my homeland in a very young age.

Some people may not know when Kuwait gained independence, or may not remember it. 19th of June to scores of Kuwaiti is just a boring sizzling hot summer day, to iDip it's not.

Why 25th February??

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The latter date was Sheikh Abdulla Al-Salem Accession to Throne (1950), our National Day -and holiday- became 25th February in honour to the Late Emir of Kuwait, a.k.a 'The Father of Independence' & 'The Father of Constitution'.

This anniversary is special

Kuwaiti women have the right to choose their representatives, and participate in legislating for their country after more than 4 decades.
We have a female Minister, two [appointed] members of the municipal council and a female ambassador. There is a long list of distinguished female Kuwaitis but I prefer to mark the four most-known of them all, at least these days.

By posting this topic, I hope people will remember this un-forgettable day, when Kuwait bloomed as a young nation amongst its sisters, growing older & staying younger in our eyes. I have no nostalgia for our past, not because I think it was good or not, but because all I posses is an eager look to our future.


Q said...

Excellent post! Do u mind if I post a link to this topic on my blog?!

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iDip said...

Thank you Q,

No, I don't mind

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First time to visit and your words brought tears to my eyes :’(

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Happy Birthday Kuwait!
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