Thursday, June 23, 2005

Shall I buy it?


Mark said...

first here is a link comparing the features of the D70, the D70s and the D50

ok, now which do I recommend? Well you might be able to find the D70 at a good deal now since the D70s is out. On Amazon they had the D70 and the D50 the same price for a while.

The biggest issue I have with the D50 is that is takes SD memory instead of CF. Compact Flash is cheaper and more common so IF you decide to get a another camera later on it most probably will use CF not SD memory. Also CF is easier to find. My second issue is that the D50 shoots RAW uncompressed meaning any RAW file will be 10MB+ while the D70 compresses it down to 5MB. RAW format is a format like JPG except the images aren't reduced in quality or digitally altered.

now again the price difference between the D50 and D70 (and D70s) is very small. There are a lot of little things that just makes the D70 a much better deal. You also won't be buying a new camera every day you know. You say you are not pro, neither am I, but in time you would need more and better features so this is why get the best camera you can afford now.

Mark said...

here check this also

iDip said...

Thanx Mark,

your suggestions are extremely appreciated