Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dear Tories


Anonymous said...

Thank you heheheh( e7na ma lena rab adre)
And btw, Rice to Riches was amazing, thank you for the recommendation

iDip said...


iDip’s Conscience : afa ya iDip! eshloan tinsa el chick?

iDip: I didn’t mean to … but I was thinking to dedicate a MoleBlog about NY to her
Allaaaaaah!!!! Rice to Riches … 3asa thawabty ly? My fav one is the vanilla rice pudding topped with caramel

Anonymous said...

:) Don't worry dear, kent a6frek bas

Akeed tnga9t lek the pudding. I remembered u when I was eating it too :) I had the one with chocolate of course, u see im not a pudding fan and I just wanted to hide the rice with the dark color of chocolate and not think about it. And what do u know! it worked. Add to that Logic- the chopped mixed nuts- and die lol
Do u seriously crave it? If you have a hopeless case of craving the pudding I can try to send you some, seriously

Q said...

e7im, trust me, she's not kidding!

Check this out!

iDip said...


When I read your comments, I’m like “what a courteous person she is”.

Thank you for remembering me
Thank you for sharing
Thank you for caring

I don’t know what to say, but my achievement is: NYchick having rice pudding. It’s like me having some.

I’m satisfied now, and regretfully say: I’m planning for a diet/gym summer :(

Thank you again and may God bless you, oo ya36eech 3ala gad neyyitich el-safia, oo ykather men amthalich.

I'm so happy for you, for me and for all Q8Bloggers, to have a fellow-blogger like NYchick

Anonymous said...

:) u still remember? ween ele has a goldfish memory ha? ;)
That was along time ago, o again wala shy mn gadrek, tstahl kel 7'eer

I swear that I became speechless when I read your words, I also don't know what to say ...u r sooo sweet :)
I'm blushing now. Too much touchy feely thing lol (J/K)

Thank you