Saturday, June 11, 2005

Starbucks in Kaifan

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Behold everyone

Starbucks is comming sooooon to Kaifan!!

It reminds me of a caricature made by MadM2000.

I'm wondering... What will it look like? What will Al-Tabtabaee do?

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Anti_Reason said...

I remember that MadM2000 cartoon; the cafe had separate entrances for men and women (marked "3awraat")!

Mad M2000 مــادم الكويت said...

Thanks for the great I can sleep

MASS said...

tuff 3alla star bucks

even jews in kaifan!!!

Mark said...

is this near the sheraton roundabout? i think i saw it today its right outside a stadium and there is pizza hut next to it right?

Kuwaiti_Man said...

وما المشكلة بوجود ستارفكس بكيفان؟
I mean StarFucks

iDip said...


jews in Kaifan! where exactly?

right, it's in the western side of 'Kuwait Sports Club' (Nadi Al-Kuwait) in front of shuwaikh