Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm not Afraid

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Show your solidarity by telling the terrorists:


I placed my message on a photo I took while visiting London last year, in a bus that if I was in on 7/7 I could be dead.
That’s my way of expressing sympathy.

- On the Web, Fearlessness Meets Frivolousness (NYT)
- We’re not Afraid!



Hey Idip. LOL. He looks like he was bruised up and terrorized let alone being afraid or not afraid of terrorists. :^)

iDip said...

Hi Tantalize,

LOL you made it look funny to me, after having a 'serious' look to it.

Regarding the bruise (see: plaster), it’s the consequence of fast shaves.

Have I mentioned that it's necessary to keep a thesaurus nearby while reading your posts?! ;)

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