Sunday, July 03, 2005

'KUNA Hunting' Part 1

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iDip is back from a 'KUNA Hunting' trip

When I saw this picture some questions popped up in my mind:
1-Why half of the picture is useless?
2-What's wrong with the lens?
3-Can't they remove the date? I can help
4-Why the middle chair is empty?
5- Are they having a break?
6-Why the Acting Prime Minister (First Deputy PM) is not 'charing' the meeting?

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1 comment:

heezy said...

Goodwill Hunting

1. Half the picture is useless because of misguided artistic intentions.

2. Again misguided artistic intentions.

3. Too complicated to do.

4. Middle chair is always empty when the man is not here. To prove this see this old picture with Jarallah in it [Picture].

5. Yes a photo break.

6. He is 'charing' the meeting just not from the 'charing' chair. [Picture]