Saturday, July 09, 2005


In a reoccurring behaviour people seem to pursue their egocentric crave of perfection. To be everywhere, to know everything, to be everyone not to know themselves or dig profoundly into their yearnings and settle down and acknowledge their limitations. Even though I do believe completely in individuals’ capability to sponge and regenerate ideas in a creative manner.
Something I read unleashed an old thought of mine.

What’s the shade of our lives?
Some seem to favour the extremist option where they either do or don’t, others live in the grey area, where things are ambiguous and every decision is exposed to relativity with other factors to score a stand minus and/or plus something. The rest are more into the pale option, which entails having a slight fraction of everything, to come up to a tedious close.

Perfection in its utmost form is an unattainable aim that mortals will never reach. Deep into us there’s a value commonly disregarded. It is satisfaction, the value that we misapprehend always as a constraint to success.

No more to be written, no more to be said.

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