Sunday, July 24, 2005


Dear “Anno Domini”,

It was pleasant to hear your voice once again from overseas, you don’t know how much delight & support it gave me. Despite taking care of this blog (that I repeatedly ask you to visit since the beginning), still you will not be forgotten in it. It had a remark to you in its very start, and will eventually pay ‘homage’ to you.

I wish you the zenith of success, and feeling obliged to thank you over and over again for all what you gave me, and for edifying me. Being in a good company is priceless, people like you are rarely to be found, but do exist somewhere we don’t know ;) .

If human beings are being away physically, no barrier could part their mental grasps, yes you’re grasped :>.

I’m the one who must feel indebted to you, for the guidance you provide, for the knowledge you bestow & for the noble person in you.

(Looking forward to wish you a Merry Christmas in person.)

Finally, I’d like to ‘lay down’ a gift & some mottos we lived and are living by:

- “Look at the bright side”
- “What comes around, goes around”
- “Don’t -----, unless you’re asked”
- “Never give up”
- “Keep rocking”
- “Toss it”
and “Here goes NOTHING”

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