Saturday, April 23, 2005

Feel like a Dervish

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Oumeima (1967-) belongs to a rare group of artists, she is gifted with a voice that doesn't age, she sang when she was 14 years old with a voice that is not so different from her voice now.
So tender, soft and sense full. She can do a solo song with no any type of instruments, and you will feel a hundred melodies in her.

Her voice expresses more than a thousand picture.

"Ya" is the album name, a dervish call that will blend you in a mystical circle of sophism; you never felt or believed in before.

No one can Judge here, unless he/she indulges him/herself in her music.

It's so simple "How can you drink your coffee, if your cup was broken?!"


مبتدئ said...


HOws it going?

Umaima is really unique. Last year I went to Marcel's concert when he visited us and Umaima was there. Her voice was just angelic. I wish I can remember the song she sang alone. Only her and the mic and it was heavenly.

iDip said...

Hello مبتدئ

Since I posted this topic, I did't stop listening to her...

and there's something wrong with her voice, which is "it's all RIGHT"

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