Sunday, October 08, 2006

الوعد الصادق

DSC_3041, originally uploaded by Ikaros Images.

وغيره صدقوا... أو هكذا ظنوا

الوعد الصادق

الوعد الصادق


EXzombie said...

اذن فوعد الغانم غير صادق و ما شاهدناه في الملعب ليس سوى خدع بصرية ليس اكثر

قد يفسر ذلك النتيجة الضعيفة

Brava Valentia said...

number 10

Obu tha7kah Jnan ;-)

kila ma6goog said...

الوعد الصادق اذا قدرت اوصل وزني 75 خلال 3 أشهر


phoenix said...

I love the picture!! But not as much as i loved the match!

EXzombie said...

آمين كلا مطقوق آمين

Q said...

I heard he found cure for aids and solved the middle east situation...sij?

iDip said...

بوعلي عنده خدع بصرية... بس مو بكيفان


Kila Ma6goog,
قلوبنا معك
والسنتنا تلهج بالدعاء

it's not the game itself but the atmosphere

ما استبعد

بو سوسو said...

it was difficult to catch good shots..but u have a nice one

Shurouq said...

lol iDip
You're something else

UmmEl3yal said...

لوووووووول .. عجبني وعد "البركة" أكثر بصراحة

White Wings said...

تريد مباراة حقيقية؟
هل رأيت مباراة الحكومة ضد المجلس؟ الحكومة فازت 4/2

iDip said...

it' not mine, thanx anyway :)

نبشت الريف على نثرة حشيشة
وجابت مفعول

خاصة: دعاء من تحت الماء

White Wings,
خل يستانسون.... جايهم موسم صعب

myth said...

There is no free lunch. ;)

Mama Fusla said...

kaka bokaka

Mama Fusla said...
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Brava Valentia said...

Off Topic


i am contemplating wether to go to my ancestors land zeladilphia a.k.a "zelfy" or not!! just for two days..and i cant really take my family's opinion,,, ma yishtihunha!! so thought of taking yours since you've already been there... Shrayik,tiswa?

Spontaneousnessity said...

I don't know what's the bigdeal, ana I had so much fun just being there and seeing happy faces all around me, awesome day sara7a.

iDip said...

استغفر الله... الناس صيام

Mama Fusla,
حيا الله بوكاكا

If you like nature (desert, farms, hills, dunes...etc) you'll love it, ya3ny tiswa.

But remember, nothing luxurious there. You'll eat on the floor, walk on sands & dustry roads.

Ana agool tiwakkaly 3ala Allah. But who will you go with if your family doesn't want to go? you need company don't you?

3alaich bel 3afia :)

but the post is not about the match itself, it's a "pun inteded" post.. if you didn't notice yet ;)

Brava Valentia said...

by my family i actually meant my "parents" and brother ..
i love nature, and its only 2 days its not like im going to stay there forever(GODFRBID) , so i guess i'll be going with Uncz.
thanks =)