Friday, September 21, 2007

سواح... إلى حين

مبارك عليكم باجي الشهر

The last 30 days were spent in study, fun & tourism. The pictures below translate some sides of it. (a la 6akh 6ekh)

My first room view, this room was 3x3.5 meters... e-booking is deceiving!

My current room view, less depressing, but at least I've got some place to stretch my legs!

Chilin at Law's loft

مولد المدينة، عمره حوالي ٤٠٠ سنة، يحتفلون بيوم قديس مترهبن
خلال أيام المولد تعج المدينة بسكان الضواحي، والذي ينظر إليهم من قبل البعض نظرة دونية لخلفيات تاريخية دموية بدأت من شجار على جودة المشروب في أحد حانات المدينة، تدخل لاحقا ليحلها أكبر راس في البلد

The best place for reading & sports

Even Juicy agrees with me
فليعيش الاختلاف

The Apple tree(s)
During the first two [sunny] weeks, the mini-garden was smelling of apple-ish orgasmic scent

The most associated drink with Ramadhan

كل ما أشوفه، أحس انه مزار

جيوش القواري
تكاد المدينة تتحدي أمستردام

البيت-الشين.. هذي ترجمتي
اسم فندق، سجن سابقا

I really don't know what to say more, not that I don't have any, but I really do enjoy hopping between your blogs every now and then.

الله يحفظكم

The latter is, too, dedicated to /ʒɒn/


Aldenya said...

I like the photo of your best place :>

Wishing for you the success in your life

Shopaholic said...


kila ma6goog said...

During the first two [sunny] weeks

الله يسامحك

حتى الاسابيع قسمتها سنة و شيعة

لي متى هالطائفية


EXzombie said...

و الله واحشنا قوي قوي

call me if you are in Kuwait, or send your No. .....!!!

Blue Waves said...

"john went to the college" ;)

ولاّدة said...

مشتاقين يا جار

ومباركة أيامك كلها

iDip said...

Thank you :) & welcome

علينا وعليك

Kila Ma6goog,
عاد تصدق اليوم كان يوم سني ولا أروع، لو ما البرد

the same here
# on the way

Blue Waves,
so you decided to resurrect your blogging account finally ;p

& John didn't make it to the college, he went to the temple instead.... you know he's "a buddhism" ;)

الشعور متبادل يا جارة
يا حبابة رمضان

Anonymous said...

wish u luck....and we miss u man!

ValenciaLover said...

which country is this? where are you?

now i know why it's so boring here in Kuwait this Ramadhan... it's because you're not here...

send me a ticket if you need someone to cook for you ;)

White Wings said...

أهلاً أهلاً
عود حميد
والفيمتو هذا مزيف
وسعيدين بالاطمئنان عليك

AyyA said...

The best thing about your trip is that it is during Ramadan, enjoy and be safe ;)

iDip said...

You're missed too Dear!
inshallah we'll meet again soon

بلاد الله الواسعة
Cooking for me
عساك سالمة
ولا حرمنا منك
I don't want to turn down your offer, but a mexican couple offered me a mexican 3azeema sometime soon!

White Wings,
It's an evolutionary Vimto
the one you have in Kuwait is Vintage ;)

Thanks Dear
and I'm enjoying my time, and safe. Unless a bus driver decides to smash me while cycling!