Thursday, May 01, 2008

Week 12/26

Observations and remarks about Buenos Aires & Argentina:

  • I'd like to thank Hanan Al-Hajri for her excellent articles about the country and its capital, published in Al-Qabas (Read: 1 - 2) there's also a third article, but I couldn't find it.
  • The city looks like a mix of Paris, Italy, Spain, Cairo, Beirut, and -of course- Latin America.
  • Although surrounded by greenery & bordered on the river side by an ecological reserve, the air quality in the city is bad during rush hours, mainly because of trucks and buses. During my last week there was a huge fire in the river delta, its smoke made Buenos Aires unbearable - sometimes.
  • The population of Buenos Aires is slightly more than 3 million, but the population of Greater Buenos Aires is 13 million, more than one third of the country's population, from the filthy rich to poor ghettos and slums inhabitants. This may explain the socio-economic difference that reflect politically, every now and then, between those 13 million and other Argentines.

  • Most of the population ancestries are from Spain (especially Galicia), in addition to Italy, Germany, Arab countries (Lebanon & Syria) and the native/indigenous population.
  • Since a sizable minority of the population have italian passports, and less with spanish ones, you can see ads of candidates to the italian senate or Zapatero on buses or buildings.
  • The Argentines call their compatriots from the south "penguins", even if they live somewhere else. If you see some books, comics or graffiti of two penguins, they're the current & former president Cristina & her husband Nestor Kirchner.
  • Cinemas regularly show several american movies with english subtitles, not like Spain where they dub them in spanish.
  • American means from the Americas (the two continents) and Americans, form the US, are called Norte Americanos (north americans) to distinguish them from other Americanos.
  • The most seen ad/logo in Argentina is Quilmes, their national beer. Quilemes ads in Buenos Aires are like CCTV cameras in London.
  • "En esta local hay WiFi" Wifi is every where there, mostly free and open, but not satisfactorily fast.
  • Prices are very cheap compared to europe, but they're rising eventually. Cigarettes are cheaper than Kuwait (3-5 pesos = 250-400 fils) and a taxi ride to the airport costs around 30-35 pesos (2.5-3 KD).
  • Demonstrations and rallies are regular activities in the capital.
  • Mate is their national drink, you could see anyone sipping mate... anywhere. (I had some today).
  • Although Latin American Spanish is slightly different from Spanish in Spain, Argentines have their own differences in words, accent and pronunciation.
  • Argentines call their president by her first name "Cristina" to distinguish her from her husband & predecessor former president Nestor Kirchner, known as "Kirchner". Cristina is the first democratically elected female president of Argentina.
  • I bought a new lens there (85mm f/1.8D) and I got a good price for it, although imported products are expensive, but I think no one was interested in this lens.
Next post: 40 hours in Santiago

حقوق الاجانب
أعتقد أن ثلثي سكان الكويت شبه غائبون عن البرامج الانتخابية لمرشحي انتخابات مجلس الأمة
أعلم أن هذين الثلثين ليسا من مواطني دولة الكويت، ولكن لا يستطيع أحد أن ينكر مساهمتهم الكبيرة في اقتصاد البلد ونهضته منذ ثلاثينيات القرن الماضي إلى اليوم وغدا

هل سبب ذلك العنصرية والفوقية واللامبالاة أم كونهم ليسوا بمواطنين وحسب؟
أعلم أن هناك مواضيع أهم بنظر البعض، ولكن تفكروا فقد تكتشفون أن حماية أجنبي من التسفير بسبب تجاوز الإشارة أهم من إسقاط القروض.. على الأقل هذه وجهة نظري


Shurouq said...

عن حقوق الأجانب، معك 100% .. بس مثل ما قلت، ليسوا مواطنين وما لهم صوت

عيل المتة طلع شراب أرجنتيني؟! وآنا هقيته من الاختراعات السورية

Hanan said...
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Hanan said...

الأخ العزيز
شكرا لك لنشرك للراوبط

ارسلت لك ايميل بالتحقيقات الاخرى الخاصة بالارجنتين و التي لم تعد متوفرة على شبكة الانترنت

أتمنى لك رحلة ممتعة ...الأرجنتين باختصار...غير

forzaq8 said...

شلون الستيك الارجنتينى
يمدحون لحمهم

اجابه على تساؤلك عن الاجانب
غيابهم عن برامج المرشحين نقدر نعتبره ايجابى لا سلبى لأن اغلب
المرشحين فى الديموقراطيات الغربيه
عندما يتكلمون عن الاجانب فى بلدهم يتكلمون انهم يسرقون وظائف ابناء البلد

EXzombie said...

have you tried Locro....?!

Zaydoun said...

شروق.... يمكن المهاجرين السوريين دخلوا المتة على الأرجنتين.. أو صار الشراب الوطني أيام كارلوس منعم

iDip said...

توني بعد قريت بيان وزارة الداخلية عن تسفير "المحرضين" على الاضراب و منبطة كبدي
مساكين... صايرين طوفة هبيطة

Shurouq & Zaydoun,
انا بعد كنت احسب المتة سورية، لكن اكتشفت انها شراب امريكي لاتيني ابا عن جد، ونقله ذوو الاصول العربية الى سوريا ولبنان

يا مرحبا يا مرحبا
I didn't know that you're 'into' blogs :)
Thanks a lot, again, and thanks for sending the links, but I'm not sure that I've received them. Could you send them again, please?
my email is idipist @ gmail . com

الستيك روعة... ما راح اذوق مثله

انا ما اعتبره ايجابي، لأن التسليم بأن الاجانب لن يذكرون بخير يعتبر علة فينا، ولا ارى في ذلك ايجابية
و ان كانت الايجابية هي أن لا توجه اصابع الاتهام الى الاجانب، فهم .. الله يعينهم اللي فيهم كافيهم
read my reply to Shurouq (above)

لا والله ما جربته... حتى ما لاحظته بالـ

Hanan said...

Hello :) you are welcome
I've sent them again to you

iDip said...

yeah I received them, thanks :)