Friday, March 25, 2005

10908 km

Hanine10908km, originally uploaded by iDip.

Listening to this great album of a great artist.

Hanine accompanied by a cuban group led by Roman Diaz Monte "El Macho", is the first singer that improvised Arabic and Cuban music , creating a new genre called "Arabo-Cuban".

The theme of this album (10908 km*) just like the prvious one (hanine y son cubano), is a blend of Arabic classic music & Cuban tunes.
Hanine picks her songs from Elite Arab Singers hits. It includes songs by: Muhammad AbdulWahhab, Fairouz, Om Kalthoum, Sayyed Darwish, AbdulHaleem Hafiz, Laila Murad, Farid El-Atrache & his sister Asmahan ... plus more.

* 10908 km is the distance between Beirut, Lebanon & Havana, Cuba.

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