Thursday, March 24, 2005

Marwan Khoury's Latest Videoclip

Khedni Ma'ak
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Marwan Khoury is a multi-talented Lebanese artist, his latest two albums were fully written and composed by him.

More about Marwan Khoury
(Source: MSN Arabia)

In 1986, this young singer-to be enrolled in the University of Saint Espirit Kasslik in Lebanon. He studied piano and harmony there and during his university years, Marwan Khoury won a prize in a music composition contest. The award was presented to the singer by former Lebanese president Amin Joumayel in 1987. It was not until 1988 though that Marwan produced his very first album Asak Habibi depending solely on himself in writing the lyrics and composing the songs- and of course producing it. The album wasn't that big of a hit unfortunately.

Then Khoury started a new phase in his life in 1989- but not as a singer. The ambitious singer performed in various variety shows; like "Aghani Aghani" and "Studio Al-Fan", on the keyboard. He continued as a keyboard player till 1996 and played with many famous bands; like Sabah's band. But during that period Marwan was able to come up with a wonderful single; Fik Yamma Balak. It was released in 1994 and established Marwan as a talented singer. The singer\ performer went on to lead Wael Kfouri's band as well as other famous Lebanese singers as before. This gave Khoury the chance to see the world and go on tour as a conductor. In 1997, the singer\ composer wrote, composed and performed his second single Lasbor Ala Wela.

It was not until 1999 however that Marwan finally became known in the music industry as a writer\composer. He came up with two hit songs for Nawal Al-Zoughbi; Tia and Dalouna. Then the year 2001 came along and with it Marwan launched his first official album Khayal El-Omer. The very next year, Khoury shot his first video clip Ya Shog with director Bassem Christo. In 2003, the singer got his first recognition as a talented composer and was awarded Murex D'Or as the best composer in 2003.

Last year was Marwan's lucky year; he landed a 5 year contract with the major production company Rotana. That's not all; he also released hit first major album Kil Alasaed in May. The album and the title song were a big hit and their popularity spread fast. It was this album that actually made Marwan famous in the Arab world and in Egypt. To ensure the success he had achieved, Marwan released a clip for the title song of his wonderful album last June. The video was directed by Claude Khoury.

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