Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Life goes on ...

Yesterday, with King Fahd passing away, sadness draped every Kuwaiti whom will never forget what the Late King of Saudi Arabia advocated to our country & to the security of our up-roared region. And today we observe 15 years of the barbaric invasion that raped our beloved homeland overtly and relentlessly.

Treacheries are hard to be forgiven, but could be forgotten to take our chance and look into the future. A betrayal by a neighbour is hard to digest, even harder to overcome, but with people like Kuwaitis we’re better off.

Despite all the criticism we have about what’s currently going in Kuwait, we can’t generalize and see such criticism as an indication of a worse era. We criticise because we dare in a free country, because we love it & care.

Every one has his/her own kind of this awful memory. I experienced the occupation immaturely, and year after year, I understand more and more, feel firmer to sadness, indifferent to tragedies, and in the same time more caring about others.

I remember being abroad when all the mess started, foreign channels frequently broadcasted news stories of the Iraqi deployment. After we flew back to Kuwait, my family continued talking over and over about Iraqi troops near our borders, and I was wondering “why all this?” “Iraqi troops are next door since God knows when!” and what I meant with “God knows when” was that Iraq is in a war with Iran – being unaware of the end of their nonsensical war.

In the second day, the sorrow doubled in the family, a relative was missed. We found out (after days of searching and calling every creature on earth) that he was in a prison somewhere in Kuwait before taking him with scores of kuwaitis & expatriates to Iraq’s dungeons. In the following two months, our neighbours’ son & two distant relatives faced the same fate. Our relative came back after about 9 months in prison, but unfortunately, the other three are still missing.

After 15 years, I still remember what happened in various spots in Kuwait. Some people take you back to memories you did almost forgot, while others leave you in a doubtful position, where you ask yourself “was this country occupied?”.

Finally, I hope every dweller in our “land of plenty”, will take sincerely advantage of the change that morphed Kuwait, without harming others & him/herself, rather than being frustrated in a selfish way by insignificant affairs.

Memory flashes:

بيتي وبيقول بيته

راجعة أرض الكويت كان تسمع صوتنا


راجعين يا أغلى بلد


Spontaneousnessity said...

allah layred hal ayam :| been through that too .. I hate to even remember but I hate more to forget

PISSonQ8 said...

ARabs deserve to be Raped