Tuesday, March 21, 2006

365 cherished days

I cannot believe that I spent a whole year as a blogger. 365 days is something I can count, but what I can’t is what I learned from blogging.

It opened a new frontier to me, to give & get.
To give by sharing and to get by recognizing new ideas by new individuals, whom will turn into a source of information, aspiration, inspiration and a daily ritual.

February 2005: while searching for news about Kuwait on the internet, I found a “website” called "Kuwait-Unplugged". I cannot remember what was the first post I read, but I can remember that there were some people interacting by commenting and pouring humour, wisdom, frustration, information and new ideas.
To solve the mystery I googled the term "Blogger" and found out what does it mean.

For more than 40 days, I kept visiting and reading blogs, through the infamous website “Kuwait Blogs”. My favourites blogs during that “orientation era” were:
Miskan (project accomplished)
Savior Machine
The Lands of Sands
أبو حفص الدودكي (stopped)
ساحة الصفاة
Jabriya Za7ma
MadM2000 (stopped)
The Shower

Then I decided to start my own blog, and I wasn't aware of the things I'll be blogging about, the only thing I was aware of was to have "a haven from reality and an escape from illusions".

21 March 2005: I took the first step. Being full of enthusiasm, I had 30 posts in my first week (my current average is 2 posts a week).

Now I would like to dedicate the following lines to the fellow-bloggers who "made my days" throughout those 365 days. (In random order)
Beware that I will quote some of Fairouz’s & Ziad Al-Rabani’s works in the following lines, so pardon me if you face any kind of confusion.

Zaydoun: الشيخ
الله يديمك يا معلم "زيدون" ويديم لنا هالصوت
ما شعبي كله مجدد لك لازم على راسي هنيك
(Zaydoun's 3rd blogging anniversary was yesterday).

Ben Kreishan: دق قوي الدق وعي كل البشر

Q80demon: A Historian in love with "misaweech".

Nibaq*: O Godfather I pay allegiance to thee.

NYchick: "The Courteous" (a.k.a. "Santa Clause"), whose love spreads all over us.

من حظي قاعدة مقابيلي
ضحية الحركة الثورية

عندي ثقة فيك.... وبيكفي
عندي امل فيك وبيكفي..
شو بدك اكثر بعد فيك؟
معقول في اكتر؟ انا ما عندي اكتر.. كل الجمل يعني عم تنتهي فيك
علقت بزلعومي الكلمة

Mark: Thanks for inspiring me.

Shosho: Wise, perceptive and rare.

Purgatory: Your worst nightmare.
قاعد يفلح فينا على طول الجمعة

ExZombie*: the frank, kinky, humorous, outspoken and mistakenly jordanian blogger.
بيبرم ساعة عالكلمة وما تطلع هي بالذات
وبياخذني وبيرجعني نساني والله نسيت

بو مريوم*: انسان بلاظل، خفيف الدم ومبدع في جده ولعبه

Jackie: not Jacqui ;p, she "fed" me for months.

Jazz Central*:  a benevolent person, you must all know.

ForzaQ8*: comics fan, humorous and friendly.

The Fabulous 4 (Jandeef, Bu Salim, Rasheed& Mobi): رفعتوا راسنا الله يعز شانكم

Mobi: You remind me of myself.

BloBoz*: The guy who writes English in Arabic, you figure it out. I wish him a productive and depression-less life, full of energy & creativity.
Mudawwana ;p

Catch-22: an addiction!

Haitham Sabbah: The guy who represented us (arab bloggers) in Al-Jazeera 2nd Forum.

Ayya: the voice of reason.
(Confession: I didn’t read your poetry, but I will later)

Walladah:  أميرة أندلسية، تعرف من أين تؤكل الكـَلِــم
اجعلي الوصل مكان الخمس

Q: "The Analyzer", who serves the best selection of politics, opinion, NEWS, football and comedy.
تسلم لي تحليلاتك
منزل مبارك

TataBotata*: Bloggers leave him Tata alone!
رفيق يا رفيق... وينك يا رفيق

Maryam: "Houston! we have a problem!"
برموا الدنيا فتلوا الكون

The Stallion*: Spontaneous and social. Looking for love ;)

Fadi & Mar: is Miki a dog?!

The Don: The Romantic Biker.

Temetwir: You will never regret having a discussion with him.
عيدا كمان ظلك عيد يا علي
وترك حساس حاجة تزن عالوتر

Samboose*: a positive vibes transmitter. My regards to the “non-blogger”.

Misguided: الكريم
Who gives without asking him.

ابوحفص الدودكي: الدود نخر بلوغك، والأرضة وصلت هدب عينك، متي تعود لتنشد الهولو؟

Q8iBlogger: We usually disagree, but we have things in common.
هو ياللي دين قال وانا ياللي كافر عال
راجعوا الكتب السماوية راجعوا كلام القادر
والعالم رجعت لله رجعت للعيشة بتقوى... يعني حط حالك محلا  انت اللي مسايقها كلا..

Jandeef Khaan: Wise.

There are more bloggers out there, I met some and interacted with some.
The thing they have in common is sharing their lives, ideas and creativity with us. (in random order)

Jambino, Sam*, Denise*, ShadyQ80*, Judy Abbott*, Ananyah, Rampurple, NuNu, Spontaneoussetiy, Roba Al-Assi, Ahmad Humeid, Zort, Bo_Ghazi, Krispy Dixie, geo, Dr. Lost*, 7tenths*, Fractal_00*, Delicately Realistic*, JJ2*, Edjamacated Guy*, K.the.Kuwaiti*, Tantalize*, Shopaholic Q8iya, Mahmoud, Flamingoliya, William*, MissCosmoKuwait*, شرقاوي, Papillona, Playa Hater, Q8-chill girl, Elegance, Rampurple, Chanad, Ms.Baker, The Muscatis, Alex Maccise, Hoder, Jelly Belly, Laila Lalami, MMM, Swair, snookie, 6akh 6ekh, you-sif, esetch, lil alien, Natasha Tynes, Bo Jaij, Reema, A3sab, Broke, Mother Courage, Hashemy, Charisma, Mama Fusla, McArabian, Sheba, Gigi, Don_Veto, kleio, nanonano, D&G, Erzulie, K-Genshiken*, Rafiq*, MIR*, Waterlilie, Equalizer, Mathew A and the blogrel guys.
Thank you all.

Last but not least,
iDip: مفكر حالي افلاطون

*: Bloggers I met.


بومريوم said...

كل عام و انت و المدونه بخير

Jandeef said...

Honored to be mentioned =)

Kel 3am wint bkhair. And happy mother's day on the way.

The Stallion said...

Happy first anniversary! La and on mother's day too! ;o)

Thanks for the kind words and yes I am stil looking for love!

Jacqui said...

Happy Blog-o-versary :P Hehehehehe I wonder how did I feed you for months? :P

I don't recall if I can cook or not :P

And don't worry this is Jackie talking and not the other one :P (yes I am fighting with her)

Oh well :P I hope you have a great day today and guess what! Steak on me! LOL! Just kidding ;P I'm broke :(

Shurouq said...

To be listed among those wonderful bloggers is beyong flattering :)
Not to mention the Ziad touch ;)

Happy anniversary, iDip :*

Broke said...

I enjoyed every word mentined .. Specially ur introduction ..
و كل عام و انت/بلوقك
This may be a chance 2 say that :
انت من البلوغرز اللي الواحد ممكن يقول عنهم راقين
و فريدين من نوعهم ..من أول زيارة/قراءة للمدونة

Thanks alot :)

Jazz Central said...

Happy Anniversary iDip :) May your second year be just as great. And for you to call me a "benevolent person"...is much appreciated and I am flattered. Thanks bro :)

Jelly Belly said...

Happy Anniversary dear, you're blog is certainly one of the blogs I read daily and get updated...very informative, please keep up the great work and to many years to come :D

مبتدئ said...

بوست عظيم !

وانت تذكرني بالجزء الأرقى من شخصيتي

وأتمنى اني أحصل على عيدميلادك القادم على :* (مو بوسة)ـ يعني عسى نلتقي قريباً

Delicately Realistic said...

Happy Fiwst Biwthday!


iDip said...

First of all, convey my best wishes & regards to your moms :)

وانت بالف خير

w-enta eb khair, and honoured to "drink" from your "well of wisdom".

The Stallion,
Thank you :)) Love is out there, just look good & you'll find it.

thank you :)
and declare a truce with jackie, so you both will always co-ordinate and prevent blog take-overs!

how come you forgot feeding me and scores of bloggers?! (see: Safat feeds).

Thank you, you deserve more comrade!

I think that the wonderful bloggers already
عارفين انك جميلة
ومن حظي قاعدة مقابيلي

and Happy Birthday :)

Thank you :) I'm flattered :]
I hope I will be always up to the bloggers expectations.

Jazz Central,
Thank you :)
and may our blogging years get more productive.

Jelly Belly,
:> I didn't know that I had such honour, Thank you
and how's your campaign?

انت الراقي يا رجل!
وانشالله نلتقي عن قريب

Delicately Realistic,
ُThank you Rapporteur :)

samboose said...


Alla wanasa you mentioned little old me;) I's honored!!

Non-Blogger sends his regards too....and thank you for mentioning him;)

Hashemy said...

kel 3am wenta wel blog bkhair dear nice post 7elo el ensan yakteb b7ag rab3a ya36eek el 3afya dear

Flamingoliya said...

It's an honor to find my name mentioned in the list.
Thank you and happy anniversary :)

Papillona ® said...

Happy blogiversary to you!

I'm a month younger ;)
Although I started blogging March-2005 but started my own blog April-2005

Honored to be mentioned :)

Brava Valentia said...

" blogiversary "

me likey !!

papillona i'm goin to use it

happy blogiversary idip... i really enjoy reading your blog , its just a reflection of your intellectual mind... keep it up , and merci a vous !

Misguided said...

Happy Anniversary my friend.

I hope we can see more and more of your posts in the days and years to come.

Thanks for the kind words... ok.. now I am getting all misty-eyed :)


Ms.Baker said...

Dear iDip ( aka DW's first blog swan),

Happy, happy, anniversary! Thanks so much, it is a great compliment to be included on your list although I do not deserve it. Your blog is one that I come back to time and again, and always will.


q8Sultana said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Q said...

Happy BDay! o 3uqbaal il 100 sina blogging inshalla :)

thx for ur kind words and for putting my new address :)

iDip said...

Thank you all

Samboose & Flamingoliya,
my pleasure :) Keep rocking!

وانت بخير
والاحلى ان اللي يكتب عنهم يستاهلون :)

you're younger, but still more active :)

Mother Courage,
"intellectual"!! that's too much for me (blushing).


Ms. Baker,
so kind & humble of you :)

thanks :)

any time :)

shady q80 said...

you're welcome.

BloBoz said...

Ma adry shloan 6awaft hul post :\, Kel 3am ow entah b5ayer, I wish u happy healthy and sexy year of blogging!. Ow sorry for being late...

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Happy blog-Aniversary :}

An honor to be mentioned by a blogger that added something to the Kuwaiti blog-comunity. You have ur own style & intresting content o still have a lot to give. Its a pleasure to know such a mentality even if its vertually :)

iDip said...


Thank you!
I don't know about "sexy" ;)
حمانا الله واياكم من فتنة المظهر

Q80 chill girl,
The pleasure is mine :)

forzaq8 said...

كل عام و انت بخير

و اشكرك على ذكر شخصى
and its an honor to be mentioned :)