Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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اللجنة الوطنية لانصار السلم
“The National Committee for Peace supporters”

Have you heard of such a committee in Kuwait?

That’s what I found in this 52 years old issue of an Iraqi magazine.

Al-Wadi (“The Valley”) – Iraq
Issue #9 – Saturday 8th of March, 1954.

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The Cover:

The Header:


More episodes to come…


EXzombie said...

from where do you get these things.....?!?!

and I think I've got something of interest about the labors of the workers.....!!!

send it to you when I get the chance, still connect from a cafe.....!!!

Dr.Lost said...

yeah where did u find this?

شرقاوي said...

هل هناك قائمة بأسماء أعضاء اللجنة؟

أوائل الخمسينات من القرن الماضي كانت بداية عصر انفتاح على أفكار كثيرة. وبالخصوص بين الطلبة المبتعثين إلى مصر وإنجلترا.

تذكرني بمحاضرات برتراند راسل في تلك الحقبة، وما بعدها...

Q said...

Very nice find iDip! Waiting for more inshalla!

iDip said...

Exzombie & Dr.Lost,
a friend.


لا والله للأسف
ما عندي الا هالخبر عنها

inshallah :)

ZORT said...



It's sad how much of our history remains hidden and undocumented, and in many cases intentionally erased.

I'll try to get more info about the commitee.

Great work iDip :-)

iDip said...

واللي يزيد الطين بله
that we (Kuwaitis) have "swiss-cheese memories".

and thanks in advance :)