Saturday, November 18, 2006

حتى أنت يا آي دِب

دعوت لألقاه فقال الدهر آمينا
- ابن زيدون بتصرف

10 minutes to setup + 5 more to customize.
That's what every Personal Computer (with a capital P) should be like!

I'd like to thank those who helped me getting it so fast
(one of them loves أبا الحكم بن هشام the very inactive blogger)

as well as Jackie, MG, Ms.Baker, Mark & 3baid... your blogs were of great help.

Now, shall I name it Brutus, Almanzor, Averroes, Sibawayh or Gibran?

time to sleep...


Jacqui said...

Congrats, mine is enroute to Kuwait, currently it's at a stopover in UAE, my Lucien enjoys a good drink and some girls :P So I think that's why he's there :P

Depends though on teh color of your MB! but I would go with Brutus or Gibran.

And I agree with the 10mins setup and 5 more to customize bit, hell it looks stylish too!

Again welcome aboard :P

Anonymous said...

كان اقتراحي حق جاكي ان تسمي الماك ماكروني على اللى عندهاالحين و بعدين قررت ان تسمي الجديد لوسين يعني الضوء حسب معرفتي،اما بالنسبة لك فهل يعني لك الماك الجديد اضافة جديدة لتطوير ابداعك فان كان هذا صحيح فاختر اسم محبب لك مثل ما انا اعتز بصداقة دافنشي و اينشتاين فاذا الشيء كان يعمل بنفس عقل دافنشي اسميه دافي و اذا كان بذكاء اينشتاين يكون اسمه آين

مبروك و يتربي بعزك


Extinct Dodo said...

mabrook yitraba b3izik. i'd go with brutus too :D

q80_demon said...

Congratulations, and welcome to the cult of Mac. Over the years I followed different schemes in naming my Macs (my first one was simply THE Macintosh – it was 1985). So, I had computers named after animals, planets, scientists, artists, mythological characters, movies, … and today I name them after fictional characters with a simple rule of thumb: portables get feminine names while desktops – even the Minis - are big boys :-D

مبتدئ said...


أنا ما أفهم بالماك..
بس أبا الحكم َ!ـ

كلام كبير

AyyA said...

I'd like to thank those who helped me getting it so fast
(one of them loves أبا الحكم بن هشام the very inactive blogger)

Was that me?

Alia said...

Congrats on your new PC (with a capital P)

تكسره بالعافية

Shurouq said...


kila ma6goog said...


stick to the black box

iDip said...

(the Macbook's name is yet to be chosen)

Thanks dear :)
and my best wishes for Lucien to arrive soon, sound & safe :)

Da Vinci,
الله يبارك فيك
your tips are of help... thanx :)
وصراحة للحين محتار ع الاسم

thanks :)

Q80 Demon,
thanks for the tips, they are of help too :)

Mobi & Ayya,
الله يبارك فيكم

and the one I meant is a regular blogs reader... not a blogger ;)

الله يعافيج... مشكورة

يا ويل حالي

BTW I converted to MACism just weeks before entering the blogosphere
يعني كنت عميل مندس بين جنباتكم... وكشفتني الايام
الله يسامحها

Kila Ma6goog,
I respect IBM's durability & effectiveness (compared to other notebooks manfacturers) but the problem is in the OS & the softwares not the hardware
وسلام مربع للـ

بومريوم said...

لله دركم ايها الماكييون
أنت السابقون و نحن اللاحقون

iDip said...

بو مريوم،
تو ما نور البلوغ
لاحقون بإذنه تعالى

Arfana said...

it's just too cute!:-)


White Wings said...

خيانة عظمى
سميه مسيلمة الكذاب