Saturday, November 11, 2006

Good NEWS ?!

Saddam Hussein

Maybe things get better when I’m strained from blogging.. why?

- Saddam was sentenced to DEATH.
للأسف لا يوجد في القانون العراقي عقوبة أسوء من الاعدام

- Emaratis are going to VOTE for the first time in their lives next month.
السعودية مو أحسن منهم

- Kila Ma6goog e-published 4 outstanding analytical posts about Kuwait in 2006-2007 (read: 1234), and Bo Jaij too (read).

- BuMaryoum, BuNaz & Lamya are back.

- Apple released the Macbook update.
Mabrook Jackie :)

- The weather got cooler & better in Kuwait.
“19C” on my car’s dashboard is a relaxing sight.

- K, W, Tata & Cosimfree911 are one year older & wiser.

- MM got his 15 minutes of fame.
منها للاعلى

But bad things happen too… I’ll keep them to myself.

Did I forget something?
Forgive me if I did.


Today (11/11) marks/marked the 42nd Anniversary of Kuwait’s Constitution.
ألا ليت "أبو الشباب" يعود يوما فأخبره بما فعل "الشبيبة" - أبو العتاهية بتصرف


Don’t miss Stewart Lee’s “What's Wrong With Blasphemy?
Part 1: watch - download
Part 2: watch - download
Part 3: watch - download
Part 4: watch - download


UmmEl3yal said...

Great Documentary!! Funny how all religions are alike.

Couldn't get the link to (ابو الشباب) what was it?!

Jacqui said...

Aww it feels nice to be mentioned hehe and so did you place an order for your MB? :P Or are you the MBP type? :P

cosimfree911 said...

well ee wlaaa wayed a7daach kafee my bday ;) bs nice walaa b3ad magareat ur post a7es enaa sawait update 7ag my blog life ;P

me said...

nice update...but u forget to mention that i grew one year 2 :)

Alia said...

you forgot me ..

just as i commented earlier in shurouq's blog ... I love your randomality

kila ma6goog said...

آسف عطلتك عن صلاتك

iDip said...

it was a link to Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem (RIP)

actually, someone will get it for me. So, yes I placed an order, but physically.

I'm no silver-cold-expensive MBP... MB all they way :)

sorry I didn't get some of the words you wrote (couldn't read them properly)

Happy Birtday!
I hope I'm forgiven :)

actually, it was more like a "melting pot" of my recent thoughts than a randomality

and you forgived me.. I know :p

Kila Ma6goog,
thanks for the link
(fixed here)

إلا صلاتي.. ما أخليها
ويعجبني حياؤك

وشكرا جدا جزيلا... على قولة زياد الرحباني

Alia said...


بس نسيت .. وآنا بعد وياكم

AyyA said...

How could you forget my translation to KM :p
Great documentary ☺

Shurouq said...

Just dropping by to say hi :)

And a continuous trial is what I'd vote for. It makes good TV.

Spontaneousnessity said...

للأسف لا يوجد في القانون العراقي عقوبة أسوء من الاعدام

I beg to differ.