Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wrapping 2006

1350 AH
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If you're looking for Cairo's photos, you will find them here.

As for Saddam's execution, I'm happy & I don't mind "slaughtering" him on the 1st day of Eid Al-Adha.


Before we depart to a new year, I decided to "squeeze" my memory and highlight 2006 major events, on different levels.
If something is missing, blame it to George W. Bush.


- Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed... DEAD (RIP)
- Year of the 3 Amirs.
- Year of the 3 Governments.
- 200 KD
- Nabeeha 5
- The Amir dissolved the Parliament
- Waleed Al-Jeri quits.
- Kuwaiti women vote for the first time in 45 years.
- a new Parliament.. more Islamists, less pro-Governmnet MPs & less Liberals.
- 2 information Ministers resigned (Anas Al-Rshaid & Muhammed Al-Sanousi).
- Dr. Ahmed Al-Rub3y's health (wishing him the best)
- More Kuwaiti satellite channels (Nabeeha Tahaluf, Al-Kawther, Flash, Al-Adalah, Funon & Qubbat Al-Parlaman)
- Kuwait Stock Exchange... "I'm going DOWN".
- Saleh Al-Nefeesi... DEAD (RIP)
- Abdullah Al-Ali Al-Mutawwa... DEAD (RIP)
- Jasem Al-Sager... DEAD (RIP)
- Ali Al-Jassar... DEAD (RIP)
- Abdulaziz Al-Saud Al-Sabah... DEAD (RIP)
- Abdullah Zakariyya Al-Ansari... DEAD (RIP)
- Saleh Al-Shaye.. DEAD (RIP)
- Al-Waseela
- Rumours about a "black constitutional coup", the Amir denies.
- B.O.T.
- Corruption
- Debts
- Jamal Al-Omar
- Al-Jwaihel
- Kuwait (club) vs. Brazil.
- Krispy Kreme in Kuwait.
- a real FREEZING winter.

Middle East & North Africa
(formerly known as "The Arab World")

- New sovereign Iraqi Government
- Saddam Hussein's Trial, Death Sentence & Execution.
- Al-Ikhwan's overwhelming victory in the Palestinian Elections (Hamas), and a relative victory in Egypt's Elections.
- Al-Salam 98 Tragedy.
- Hamas & Fath "eating" each other.
- Israeli War against Lebanon.
- Lebanese factions "eating" each other... and still do.
- Iraqi "slaughtering" each other... and still do.
- First Elections in UAE
- Elections in Bahrain
- Samarra Explosions.
- Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid... DEAD (RIP)
- Sheikh Pierre Al-Jemayel.... assassinated (RIP)
- Mirza Jawad Al-Tabreezi... DEAD (RIP)
- Sharon "DEAD" among the living.
- Al-Zarqawi... DEAD
- Naguib Mahfouz... DEAD (RIP)
- Abdelmenem Madbouli... DEAD (RIP)
- Fuad Al-Muhandis... DEAD (RIP)
- Majda Al-Khateeb... DEAD (RIP)
- Sheikh Abdulameer Al-Jamri... DEAD (RIP)
- Ismail Shammout.. DEAD (RIP)
- Wonderful Asian Games in Qatar.
- Coptic Churches attacked in Alexandria.
- the "Union of Islamic Courts" controls the Somali capital, then the interim government -backed by Ethiopia- "conquers" the capital.
- Iraq & Syria are "Friends" again after more than 2 decades of "diplomatic boycott".
- Oman hesitated to join the GCC single currency (due in 2010).
- Husni Mubarak "offers" Constitutional Amendments.
- Freej.

- The danish cartoons controversy
- The Pope controversial remarks
- Italy won the World Cup
- Milosevic... DEAD
- Pinochet... DEAD
- Gerald Ford... DEAD
- Shamil Basayev... DEAD
- Oriana Fallaci... DEAD
- James Brown... DEAD (RIP)
- Castro in Hospital
- Iraq Study Group (ISG) & its report (a.k.a. Baker-Hamilton's Report)
- Democrats victory in the mid-term congressional elections.
- Chavez re-elected.
- Montenegro.. the lateset member in the International Community (UN 192nd member)
- Military Coup in Thailand.
- Qatar.. a non-permenant member in the UN Security Council (2006-2007)
- Oil reaches 71$ per barrel.
- Rumsfeld resigns.. Gates gets in.
- Ban Ki Moon elected as UN Secretary General.

Others incidents & events
- 2 Hajj Seasons.
- 3 Eids in one Year.
- 06/06/06
- Launch of Al-Jazeera International.
- Ziad Al-Rahbani is "active" again.
- "When the People Spoke" 1 & 2 by Amer Al-Zuhair... God bless him.
- NYChick disappears, appears again.. then re-dissapear.
- Bu Maryoum dissapears... the appears in a new blog.
- Zort... did he quit??
- SheWrites (N.) returns.
- Mad M blogs again.
- Purg lauchs his new blog.
- Shosho.... blog-less.
- Sheba writes in Arabic.
- Sa7at Al-Safat became a nation-wide blog.
- Ayya's blog got blocked briefly after publishing a scandal.
- Maryam made her dream come true.
- Fadi & Mar leave Kuwait to Dubai.
- Samboose is a mom... "microchip mom".
- Sam & Denise leave Kuwait to Thailand.
- Ali & Musaad launch the first Kuwaiti podcast... Deera Chat.
- 7tenths doesn't blog.
- Fractal00 stops blogging... converts to moblogging.
- Swair got married.
- Shurouq made her "15 minutes" of fame on Future TV.
- William Waker got married.
- 1st Annual Kuwait Blogs Awards.
- Q moves Kuwaitism to a new home.
- Papillona quits & return.
- Temetwir got the Master.
- Exzombie's (and friends) short movie "3arayes" made the 1st place, and got MP3 players.
- Judy Abbot moves to a new "home".
- Boghazi quits.
- Laialy_Q8 & Erzulie... graduated.

On the personal level
- Job Promotion
- First nephew
- a new Laptop
- a new cellphone
- Rooms Switching
- Desert Camp
- met wonderful bloggers
- 2 vacations in one year
- a Friend's Mother... DEAD (RIP)
- another Friend's Father... DEAD (RIP)
- a third Friend's Grandmother... DEAD (RIP)
- a fourth Friend's Father... DEAD (RIP)

Happy New Year :)


Judy Abbott said...

wish you a less dead in 07, more success and more vacations. and less Eids :) we have to stick to the one hajj two eid policy here.

Hope Kuwait will be back on its feet, and become a country of art and science; the only Kuwait i know.

May all your dreams come true, and achieve at least one of them in 07.

Lots of success to you.

Happy 07 - every time i say it i remember James Bond.

Jacqui said...

6a3 :s I graduated earlier this year, got a job later this year :s and I got a brand new spanking MacBook ;p

Soud said...

كل عام وأنت بخير

أدامها الله سنه مليئة بالسعاده والفرح عليك

ORACLE said...

عيدك مبارك
وكل عام وأنت بخير

Papillona ® said...

As always: another excellent post, iDip
Happy New Year :-)

Delicately Realistic said...

Great post iDip.
I love how u mentioned everything with a few simple words :)

Habby New Year :>

Equalizer said...

any newborns? :)

متلف الروح said...

ماشاء الله عليك

هذا اول و اهم شيء احب اقوله ،، ترتيب الاهميه لاحداث 06 ممتاز الصراحه زوتنا بمعلومات لارشفنا الخاص ،،، الله يعطيك العافيه