Thursday, February 14, 2008

Week 4/26

Week 4/26
Week 4/26,
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There's nothing better than sitting in the lawn on a sunny afternoon, scribbling and noting down whatever passes your mind, and being surprised by Martina armed with a brand-new Sheesha* from Khan El-Khalili. Then, joined by Atef, we had a wonderful afternoon sipping Teh Tarik and explaining for some students what does that silo-like thing do. Unsurprisingly, most of the students knew it or had it before.

Week 4/26 updates:
- More work (read, read, read then write)
- Celebrated a joint birthday of four of my colleagues. I made "Mashkhool Bu6a6" for the party (potluck).
- My college had an "Arabian Nights" party.
- We had 3 sunny day in a row (that's a winter-record, so far).
- Sheesha in the college lawn.

*من فوائد التعليم المشترك


kila ma6goog said...


مكانك فاض ي

Mother Courage said...

the mash potatos looks more like hummos! .. glad to know that everything is going well with you

و الفال لصورة القبوط

Arfana said...

I second ma6goog

مكانك فاضي

Alia said...

hey Mr.

ماكو احد يصور تجمعاتنا
وترى ما يصير شذي .. مصوري الخاص طالت إجازته واضطرني احمل الكاميرا واصور بنفسي .. الصور (أون ماي بلوغ) ما طلعوا بجمال صورك .. بس انا فخورة فيهم

لك وحشة يا راجل

iDip said...

Kila Ma6goog & Arfana,
أخجلتماني بعواطفكم
الله لا يحرمني منكم

وإلى لقاء ليس ببعيد

Mother Courage,
Thanks Dear :)
actually the next step is
BTW where's your blog!?

أهلا بالرفيقة، الحمدلله ع السلامة
أشكرك على تجديد الثقة بقدراتي المتواضعة
البركة في
بالتصوير، أنا اتابعه واشوف الفيديوات اللي يحطها عن التجمعات الاخيرة

عساكم ع القوة