Thursday, March 27, 2008

ثلثنا و غدا الشر

It´s really sad to hear about what´s happening in Kuwait.
But the funny thing is that it has something similar to what´s happening here, and the so-called ¨faz3a¨ applies to the latter as well.

You will ask this officer one day to protect you, shame on you.

As for the delay in my Project (XXVI), I sincerely apologise, and once I found an Internet cafe that allows me to upload files, the updates will be on line.

BTW, the title says that my blog is 3 years old.


Purgatory said...

انت من أي قبر طالع يا دراكولا


EXzombie said...

who's next.....?!

maybe the egyptians.....!!!

kila ma6goog said...

كل عام و انت بخير

منت راد؟

UmmEl3yal said...

Happy Anniversary .. It means you've servived the "terrible 2's" .. great :)

iDip said...

the one in the southern hemisphere :)

Allahu a3lam

Kila Ma6goog,
w enta eb 9e77a o salama :)
la wallah ra7 ared lamma egarrrib my project -26- men nehayta... count the weeks :)

Umnm El3yal,
yeah luckily :)