Saturday, June 11, 2005

ENGRISH, dedicated to ForzaQ8

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I took this photo last week while heading south, it reminds me of a recent post of forzaq8's.

In this place an order must be:

"Ice Creem" for Ice Cream,
"Katbsheenu" for Cappuccino,
"Thurki Coffe" for Turkish Coffee,
"France Coffe" for French Coffee
"Xpress" for Espresso


forzaq8 said...

hahah jackpot !

Anti_Reason said...

OMG! The "dumb"ing of Kuwait contiues!

W. said...


Oh my god! I can't stop laughing!!!! I should show you the stuff I took pics of.. I swear those ppl are INSAAANE.. there's one place called

"مقهى المعسلات الفرنسية"

معسل = Flavoured Shisha

I can;t understand the owners need to squeeze faranseyya into the name.. did he honestly think that it would attract more ppl??? loooool

and this other type of grease called "سمنة بقرة باريس"

اولا.. باريس مافيها بقر..

Secondly,, who the hell cares??

Thank you walla for the post.. I needed that :)