Saturday, June 11, 2005


While reading Al-Seyassah Newspaper (Kuwait), I came a cross a report about Guantanamo detainees (a.k.a. prisoners), where I found the photo below,

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The caption reads [in Arabic]:
احد معتقلي غوانتانامو مكبلا خلف الاسلاك الشائكة

Then I went like "WHAT!?"

This picture is NOT from Guantanamo the prisoners camp, but from a play called 'Guantanomo'. I attended this play while visiting london last year. It was an anti-American play, showing what its makers see as "false american allegations against the detainees".

The main two detainees in the play were an Iraqi in exile & a Brit [decending from the Indian sub-continent], who is shown in the photo above.

(The play is discontinued in London)

If the editor or journalist who made this report has some sense of responsibility, objectivness, honesty or proffesionalism; he would read the comments on the top-left corner!!

What a [just 5 newspapers, no more] journalism we are proud of!!

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Playa Hater said...

No retraction yet??