Monday, June 13, 2005

Never Again

Never Again, originally uploaded by iDip.

What a place!!

Yes I do mean it but in a negative sense.

I went to Ruby Tuesday [in Kuwait City] last weekend, it was my third & last time there.

This time I had chicken enchiladas (I think it’s called so), they served us the food so fast, and it looked extremely “microwaved”.

If you’re sensitive or easy to be disgusted don’t continue

I ate it, then I had a severe pain in my stomach, maybe someone said "ma6ra7 ma yesry yehry!". My destination was the toilet, and I think you can assume what happened there.

I came back to the table and told my friend “never ask me to visit this place again!” in Arabic, he was like “what!?”.

We paid with 0.000 KD tip

My other two incidents were almost the same. In the he first visit I had pasta with lobster, and in the second one I had a burger with bacon. In both visits the consequences were the same, but at home.

Will our municipality (Baladia) visit this poisoned restaurant? I hope they will!
Unless it’s owned by SOMEONE!


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

People PLEASE, Ruby’s Tuesdays is like the worst place to dine in.

iDip said...

sa7 Lsanich

Jewaira said...

I only went there once. And I saw a fly in the salad bar, lying dazed in the lettuce.
I told the waiter who was standing there.
He picked it up with his fingers without caring about our sensitivity as diners.

W. said...


ymde7oon 1 tblspoon of organic apple cider vinegar mixed with a cup of water..

Stinni said...

It's aweful. I had the same experience there as well. My husband got some shrimp which was still frozen on the inside. Never again.

Why doesn't someone do something about it? It seems to have a really bad reputation.

Zaydoun said...

Has anyone seen that disgusting billboard for Applebee's steak with some gross white stuff on it? I see it on my way to work and I just want to throw up!

Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays, TGIFridays, Johnny Carino's are all crappy chain restaurants made by and for Americans in flyover land. Fine dining they ain't!

Ra-1 said...

never went there :)

iDip said...

Allah Ysalmich, and thanx for caring.


Mark said...

yeah ruby tuesday sucks, its the worst franchise on the seaside..

Q said...

chilis kicks ass!