Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An Arabic Podcast, sort of

Since Apple launched iTunes 4.9, I’ve been looking for a Kuwaiti podcast or an Arabic one.

Finally, I found one!
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It belongs to Ahmad Humeid (of Amman, Jordan), his podcast “MixUp Arabia” is available at iTunes Music Store & titled “a podcast from a confused Arab world”.

Until now, the podcast’s theme is the Arab world, internet, blogs, TV, press, music and politics. Unfortunately, the podcast is not in Arabic.

Before concluding, I feel obliged to express my admiration for our fellow-blogger Ahmad Humeid’s effort to set & launch the first Arabic podcast. (As far as I know)

Ahmad Humeid’s Blog: 360east
His podcast

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Yazan Malakha said...

It's still a first attempt, but you should definately check out www.ninish.com and/or kimo.typepad.com

Completely in arabic