Friday, July 01, 2005

خيلي خوب

Last night I watched the Iranian Movie Leila (1996) ليلا. It was great, depressing though.

I have only 3 Iranian movies (any recommendation?), watched them recently and I think they’re extremely better than Bollywood movies that Kuwaitis are obsessed with.

The Other 2 movies are:
-Hidden Half (2001)
-Secret Ballot (2001) راي مخفي


Anonymous said...

May I suggest:
1- The circle by Jafar Panahi who also directed Mirror which made no sense to me at all and collapsed in the middle- story and cinematography, but I have to admit that the guy is a revisionist in the area

2- The Color of Paradise (by Majid Majidi )
3- Ten (the ending is something else, but the film it self is ...hmmm u be the judge)but it's Abbas Kiarostami's film
4- Baran- by Majid Majidi too ( the guy also directed children of heaven- sorry didn't see that one but every one is raving about it)

5- Under the skin of the City- this is my favorite, I saw it here but I'm not sure if it is available on DVD now

This is what I can remember for now, am a big fan of the Irani cinema.
Oh and I liked Lila too, It had problems but I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

oh shnow u3ne 7'ele 7'ob?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

One more thing lol
secret ballot opened my eyes and inspired person can change the world after all ;)

Anti_Reason said...

I’d also add Majid Majidis other movies: Children of Heaven (it was nominated for an Oscar) and Baran. Also Muhsin Makhmalbofs Kandahar and his daughters Samira Blackboards. Jafar Panahis Crimson Gold. No list of Iranian movies would be complete without Abbas Kiarustamis The Taste of Cherries, the Wind will Carry Us and Close-Up (ironically, the subject of which is Makhmalbof and an imposter!).

مبتدئ said...

idip, I really liked the movie

and hated her mother in law.

Color of Paradise raw3a and original.

iDip said...

NYchick, Anti_Reason & Mobi,


I think I'm just a new fan of the Iranian Cinema, it looks that there are more in the Kuwaiti Blogosphere.
Guys, thank you again for your recommendations.

I’ll have a great Iranian-Movies-Summer!

Khaily Khoob means 'very good' in Persian (Farsi), foreign movies are rich sources to learn cultures & languages of the world nations.

Iran is a country 200 km across the sea from Kuwait, Nevertheless we don’t know enough about it.

W. said...

I saw the color of paradise and it was amazing...

my sisters watched Leila o thayyag 9doorhom.. my sis says the actress is gorgeous though..

may I recommend "baran" amazing bkaait feeh lain ma inshalakh raaasi.. you have to watch it..

Shurouq said...

If you liked Leila, you'd love Assad Fouladkar's لما حكيت مريم.. It's the Lebanese take on the same issue (Actually, come to think of it, the name 'Fouladkar' is persian too).. This movie got me crying my heart out in public, it was embarrassing.

I second NyChick's first two picks..
"Baran" didn't appeal to me though, I don't know why.

I'd also recommend Samira Makhmalbaf's "The Apple", Kamal Tabrizi's "Marmulak", Siddik Barmak's "Osama", Mohsen Makhmalbaf's "Gabbeh".

Enjoy and good night,

Anonymous said...

Siddik Barmak's Osama was great and won a golden glob which made me jump in my seat back then, but it's not an Irani movie, It's an Afgani one

Marina Golbahari- the main character in the film does a great job. I remember an article about her life in Afghanistan in the NY Times. How she was hesitant to act because she thought it would be like one of those Bollywood movies where the actresses do a lot of singing and dancing :)

I think this movie should have been bought by KNCC, it's not too late now. We have special screenings here all the time for "older" movies. laken la 7ayat leman tonade

Baran has almost the same story line, but Osama is much better and it was the first Afghani film to be shoot in Afghanistan after the war

Q said...

iDip, I loved secret ballot alot! Its one of those movies that just change something in new.

If you liked Iranian movies, take a shot at Chinese films. In a sense they are the same, they both cant use nudity, sex, or politics, so almost everything is symbolic and the films are just amazing to watch visually! There are a couple of really great Chinese films I saw but can't remember the names!!!

Kuwaiti_Man said...

فيه فيلم إنعرض على تلفزيون الكويت إسمه: صبغة الله

كتير كتير بيعئد, خصوصا دور الطفل الأعمى

أنصخك بمشاهدته

Kuwaiti_Man said...

فيلم ليلا شريته من زمان, مع فيلم اخر بعنوان: أسامة, ولم أشاهدهم إلى الأن

Reema said...

I'd recommend watching Gabbeh if you haven't seen it yet, loved the cinematography.