Monday, July 11, 2005

Don't imitate, INNOVATE

While browsing daily newspapers today, I found this ad:

Does it look familiar?

I think it does!


Playa Hater said...

I have some strong feeling about this issue!

This is an Alghanim Electronics ad.

If you go to Alghanim you will find that all the salesmen are from a certain arab country that I rather not mention here out of respect for this Blog. Now I'm almost certain that whoever shat this ad (sorry for the word but I thought it was necessary) belongs to this certain arab country (which by the way they don’t think of themselves as arabs).

If you are forced to watch or listen to the barrage of “art” slash “fart” that comes out of this country and you like it, I say you are beyond saving. Why you ask? It’s because it’s pure 100% IMITATION and it lacks any form of innovation and originality!

il Padrino said...

بحبك يا لبنان يا بلد العروبة و رمز الحضارات

I think the add is a cheap and slazy way to imitate such a big icon company which is in this case the FOX Network in the United States. However, I disagree with my fellow bloger playa hater for his unfair attack to our beloved lebanese people. I would like to take this opportunity to remind my fried player hater that everything good belogs to our lebanese people and through their innovation and style they are making our arab nation united. As example of that would be the famous and most successful program of Star Academy that have changed people's lives. It is the number one destination for all tourisim and we all love the Great City of Beirut. May God Bless the Great Lebanese People and their continuous effort in bringing happyness to our daily boring life. Lebanon was a victom to success and is under attack because simply the other so called Arab countries envy them. I wish that I am living in Beirut because only there you will find everything that please you on Planet Earth within the borders of that small country in size but huge in their contribution and innovative ideas. Maybe our friend player hater can give us a good example of any arab country that stood up for all the bad times and yet have 1% of what the Greal Liban has. The answer to my friend is NONE and no matter how hard you dig in order to find that country you will never find. Lebanon is great and it was build by its great people. WE LOVE YOU ya Lebnan and may god protects you and your people from the other arab nations.

W. said...

Why are you surprised? You should come and see the ads here.. HILLARIOUS..

we have one company that litterally took the logo of another SAUDI company and used it.. ya3ni lo company mob s3oodeyya..ok - negol ma7ad daree 3anhom.. bs ykhreb baitek takheth logo another company laha 30 years and GUESS what, they're 2 blocks away from them!!!


Q said...

i like lebanon, i have nothing against it, but il padrino's example of a successful creative campaign -

"As example of that would be the famous and most successful program of Star Academy that have changed people's lives."

Actually its a worldwide show that is successful everywhere, nothing new or creative about that, that is actually just taking another show and bringing it over. Im not saying that nothing creative comes out from there, im just saying ur example is wrong.

Mark said...

playa hater if a country speaks arabic doesnt mean they are arabs the same way that if a country speaks english doesnt mean they are english.

it was also recently proven by National Geographic that Lebanese infact are pheonician, not arabs.

Mark said...

here is the link