Friday, June 29, 2007

لخير سلف...

This post is dedicated to Kleio & Tony Blair's eloquence.

Gordon Brown will try his utmost, I'll do the same with blogging.

This week, everyone -except Kuwaiti Bloggers- seems interested with 10 Downing Street (an exaggeration?). Tony Blair departed, his rival/mate Gordon Brown took over, choosing a "young" (42yrs old) Foreign secretary, the new Government is likely to be less pro-American, with increased focus on climate change & economy. (listen to the BBC World Service, in Kuwait, on 100.1 FM).

So, the theme of this post is British Politics. I'll try to compare* it with ours, or let's say "Kuwaitize" it, with an iDipist touch.
Little objectiveness ahead!

Head of State
Enough said ;)

Chosen by the people, summoned by the Monarch
Designated by the Amir

Chosen by and according to the parliamentary majority
Chosen by the PM, approved by the Amir

Senior Posts - المناصب السيادية
PM, Chancellor (Treasury), Home Secretary & Foreign Secretary (Great Offices of the State)
PM, Defense, Interior & Foreign Affairs portfolios (Held by the Ruling Family members - a praxis)


(the rest will be about the House of Commons & Kuwait's National Assembly)

Again, enough said ;p

Members of Parliament (MPs)
(current number of MPs is bracketed)
2 major parties (554), a smaller party (62), various "mini" parties (29) & infrequent independents (1) Link
Mainly independents(20+/-), MPs with ideological backgrounds(16+/-), plus some partisans (14) Link - Illustration

The second major party in the Elections (HM Loyal Opposition)
Case-by-case opposition (Personal feuds are a recurrent source of opposition)

a regular & enjoyable procedure
(watch: PMQs)
paralyzing, annoying, graphic, personal & lengthy (sometimes... funny, loathsome & frivolous)

Elected by his party (Currently 3: Government (L), Opposition (C) & a Liberal Democrat)
Each bloc has an assigned coordinator, who frequently acts as a whip (Islamist:أحمد باقر, Populist:مسلم البراك, National:مشاري العنجري & Independent:طلال العيار)

The Government, the Opposition (Shadow Cabinet), leading Liberals & Whips
The Government, plus Veteran, outspoken, staunch loyalists and/or opposition MPs
أحمد السعدون-محمد الصقر-ناصر الصانع-عدنان عبدالصمد-ضيف الله بورمية-عادل الصرعاوي-وليد الطبطبائي

New MPs, senior ex-ministers and/or constituency-focused MPs
at least 15, the most "remarkable" of them are:
أحمد الشحومي-أحمد لاري-علي العمير-وليد العصيمي-غانم الميع-جمال العمر-راعي الفحماء-محمد المطير-جابر المحيلبي-مرزوق الغانم-مزعل النمران

أترككم مع هذا القدر من السياسة، لأن كثرتها تضر العقل والبدن، وأذكركم بأن في مثل هذا اليوم قبل عام كنتم تدلون بأصواتكم في انتخابات مجلس الأمة، لتصبح الدوائر الانتخابية خمسا، وليندم بعضكم لاحقا على تصويته

* In University, I had D+ in Comparative Politics.

مشهد و أغنية من مسرحية ممثل الشعب
الشاطر فيكم يعرف بو ذياب


EXzombie said...

this post is beyond the bloggers state of awareness.....!!!

this post is ultimatly informative, yet I would've thought the minority objective needed more elaboration.....!!!

how many beduins, shia, sunnis,... etc. and the brits have....

you know where I'm going at.....!!!

great post...

Spontaneousnessity said...

o lessaa

AyyA said...

Deep, as usual

Narrator said...

british have nasty teeth, Kuwaitis have nasty tongues :P nice post even though I can't understand half of the terms, even in Arabic...

kila ma6goog said...

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شكلك الاول عليهم

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excellent post
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iDip said...

Thank you
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and this post is not meant to be elaborative

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I hope you'll find an understandable post on this blog :)

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