Saturday, June 09, 2007

يا فرحي إذا بعد غيبة

Famous Tea Trio
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Such a good reason to resume blogging!

1- Available or Single: Available... عشان محد يزعل

2- Best friend: M

3- Cake or Pie: قرص عقيلي (Cake)

4- Essential Item: paper

5- Favorite Color: Blue

6- Gummi bears or Worms: Gummi Bears

7- Home town: Kaifan!

8- Indulgence: Photography, good company & reading goose-bumping poems

9- January or February: January

10- Kids: The Trio (D, D & O)

11- Life: something we make a big fuss about.

12- Marriage: Interaction.

13- Number of siblings: 3 (2 sisters & a brother) my nieces think that I'm their brother though!

14- Orange or Apple: Apples

15- Phobias: Rupophobia, stomach ache & a bad picture

16- Favorite Quote: The more I know, the more I know that I don't know

17- Reason to smile: Good sights

18- Season: Summer

19- Tag three people: لا يؤمن أحدكم حتى يحب لأخيه ما يحب لنفسه

20- Unknown fact about me: Curiosity killed the cat

21- Worst habit: procrastination

22- Your favorite food: Crema Catalana & عصيدة

23- Zodiac: هو انتو بتصدقوا الحاجات دي!؟

التقينا بضحكة وابتدينا الرحيل


Judy Abbott said...

i can't believe how many things we have in common... 85% !!! a B :P

Have you ever heard of birds nest soup, Chinese dish?

EXzombie said...


Shurouq said...

All it took was your title/song and I came running..

ونعم الصحبة.. الله يكثر من أمثالكم

I love Arfana's quote too!

And I adore Alia for getting you, and Rasheed to abide on the same day :)

Alia said...

Thank you "rafeeq" for giving me wayh & doing the tag ..

3- أنا عبالي آنا قديمة أحب الرهش والكراميل لوح .. طلعت أقدم مني .. قرص عقيلي وعصيدة؟؟

7- Laish ma77ah y7ib el worms??!??

8- الصحبة الصالحة .. كان اقتراح رشيد حق اسم الطراد

9- Phobias: "bad pictures"!!
أقوللك تعاتل صير مصوري الخاص مو راضي .. لو تشوف كمية الباد بيكشرز اللي عندي شان يالك صرع .. بعيد الشر

19- اللهم ثبت إيمانك

& the song .. ahhhhhh
Do I love you or what?? ;*

kila ma6goog said...


حاطينك بمجلة سمرة


iDip said...

Judy Abbot,
no... such a strange name!
and it's nice to know that we have things in common, apart from blogging :)

!!!! ;p

- my pleasure :)
- adore her... we all do

a fellow blogger had always highlighted Robert Capa's quotes , one of which was:
"If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough."

Kila Ma6goog,
بسنا شهرة يا سعد

أي عدد؟

Alia said...

LOL ... not close enought
ادخل بالعدسة يعني؟؟

Anonymous said...

wainak ya zalami...long time u haven't showed up!

White Wings said...

what is Rupophobia? don't want to go through the list
and why February??