Saturday, January 14, 2006

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This is the first episode of a mini-series of archival magazines & newspapers. I will occasionally show some selected articles, photos & ads.

The first one is from: “As-Siyasa Al-Usboo’eyya” (Egypt)

Date: Saturday, 4th of October 1930

(click on the images below for a larger view)

The Cover

Taha Hussein’s latest book (at that time) “Fi Al-Adab Al-Jahili

A new calendar for 1931. Note that it's in Lunar and Coptic months, in Arabic & French (not English).

Showing Adolf Hitler as a “capable leader of the German Fascist” (or “Fascism”).

More episodes to come.

I would like to thank the talented & helpful blogger misguided for his enlightening topics about technology. I –finally- renovated my blog’s header.

P.S. Why people were complaining about Eid & its holiday? I don’t see any boredom or “suckness” in it!


Shurouq said...

Al Mazeny, Haikal, Mahmoud Taymour.. and
الفتيات العاملات، هل يجني العمل على الفتاة؟


I like your banner :)

meWHO! said...

Nice..cant wait for the rest :)

Hashemy said...

shay 7elo wayed ya36eek el 3afya 3al post el 7elo el metnawe3:)