Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Trying to heal a country

Kuwait had enough.

فهي الوجود الثابت ونحن الوجود العابر

Each camp addressed their points constitutionally, unconstitutionally, legally, badly, disrespectfully and rigidly.

What do we have? a solution … maybe

Trying to be or pretending to be optimistic – like our parliament speaker – was faced by facts of predicament. The ‘Ruling Crisis’ (aka ‘azmat al-hukm’) was just like boxing:

Round one goes to Sheikh Sabah, round two goes to Sheik Salem, round 3 4 5 …. and who was getting hurt and beaten up?
Kuwait, the Constitution, Sheikh Saad and citizens.

Some say "Look at the bright side, we followed what the constitution says".
Well, you ‘shredded’ the constitution habitually and assassinated its soul.

Unfortunately, we claimed that we are the ‘Democracy Oasis’ in the gulf & the Arab world… but are we?

We lived in a dream, a very sweet one. One day, someone with a bright smile passed away. He wasn’t just someone, he was -for years- our ‘safety valve’, the ‘balancer’ and a patron for all.

Now, that the ruling family reached a solution (as we were informed by everyone except Kuwaiti officials, see: Kuwait TV), I hope that everyone who hurt Kuwait will never forget what he/she did. History will never forgive and Kuwaitis will never forget.

Courageous sons and daughters of Kuwait are the ones who acted with ‘wisdom & reason’. But ‘Elders’, ‘Wise men’, daily newspapers and Officials were bound to interests or a greater power.

Our Heroes won’t be some people of big headlines & posters, nor SMS & rumours.

I can’t count and name every commendable person, but I’d like to name the ones I knew they did what they can in the name of Kuwait:

Jasem Al-Saqerجاسم الصقر,
Yousif Al-Nisfيوسف النصف,
Yousif Ibrahim Al-Ghanemيوسف ابراهيم الغانم,
AbdulAziz Al-Shayaعبدالعزيز الشايع,
Abdullah Al-Ali Al-Mutawwaعبدالله العلي المطوع,
Yousif Al-Hajjiيوسف الحجي,
Ahmed Bezee' Al-Yaseenاحمد بزيع الياسين,
Ahmad Al-Saadoun (MP)احمد السعدون,
Mishary Al-Angeri (MP)مشاري العنجري,

Jandeef Khaan,
Rasheed Al-Khattar,
Bu Salem,
(The guys behind ‘Sahat Al-Safat’)

And more and more….
فالكويت كانت بأهلها وبقيت بأهلها وستبقى ان شاء الله بأهلها

Some may not agree on all the names I mentioned above.
Therefore, I’d like to say that those names are what I discreetly think did what was right during the crisis.
Opinions may contrast –as we watched lately- but the main idea is one: “Kuwait first & Last”.
In addition, naming people you think did the right thing at the right time is an undeniable right to everyone.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank misguided for the help he bestowed to ‘reshape’ my blog.


William said...

Yousif Ibrahim Alghanem is the only name I recognize :(

I just hope everything works out.

Hashemy said...

yemken ma awafgek 3ala b3ath el names bs ya36ek el 3afya nice post fe3lan o el sefaat abde3aw wala mashkoren

Q80-Chill Girl said...
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Q80-Chill Girl said...

Kuwait will stay, true its sad to see such childish acts from elders & the best person to well express what happined especially today is Dr. Ahmad Al-Rubei when he said that the main poles in the Ruling family agreed but what happined latelly are teenagers acts, true its ugly what happined to baba Saad but it was that or the country was going down! true the constitution was backing things up but people are the users & they are not angels, i truelly do not want to see how much worse could this get to.

I was calm all the time, still in greif and dissapointed, yes history & us "as long as we lived" will remember this, my only consolation is that Kuwait will stay & I hope it will never be hurt...

good post

Anonymous said...

They all need a major overhaul, someone open their eyes & let them view inwards to see where the canker is.

Well said, iDip.

Brava Valentia said...

a7mad ilsi3doun !!! gimme a break !

A3sab said...

great post idip... the biggest hero of all durig this turmoil is the kuwaiti people for being wise and patient.

Spontaneousnessity said...

wey chan zain fee nas etqadder

شرقاوي said...

They say that "Time heals all".

The period of mourning will end on 24 February. Let's hope that 25 February will give us a good reason to celebrate.

God knows we need such an uplift.

نتمنى أجواءً صافية في يوم 25 فبراير، ذكرى عيد الجلوس ، وعسى أن يكون فاتحة خير علينا مع عهد جديد...