Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dogs & Snakes are welcomed

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The Year of the Dog will start tomorrow.

What do we have for tomorrow in Kuwait?

The Kuwaiti National Assembly (parliament) will have two meetings:

The first (at 09:00): to approve the Cabinet’s designation of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad as the 15th Amir of Kuwait (an unanimous vote is expected).

The Second (at 12:00): is for the consented Amir to take oath.

So what?

  • “the year of the dog is expected to bring many changes in the economic and political fields as well as in daily life”.
  • “will be better than the last year of the Rooster”.
  • “The year is also said to bring good business and a prosperous economy”. (Link)

Good news for Kuwait, but what about Sheikh Sabah?

He was born in the Year of the Snake (1929), and according to the Chinese Zodiac he:

  • "Is driven to success”.
  • Is “influential in higher circles”.
  • Has “a killer sense of humor, with which” he baits his “attractive traps”. (Link)

  • “will be able to communicate with the public and function effectively in group activities”.
  • “can take control and bridge gaps during times of confusion and panic”.
  • “will be loyal to friends and have an army of supporters”.
  • “will succeed in banking, insurance and real estate investments”. (Link)

  • “Diplomatic”. (Link)

Happy Doggy Year


shosho said...

hssssssssssssssss -> our new national anthem ;)

As for the news of a prosperous year, inshallah ya rab :)

Anonymous said...


Spontaneousnessity said...

when is the sheep year?!

iDip said...



Feb - 19 - 2015
Feb - 7 - 2016
(sometimes it's called Year of the Goat)

Shurouq said...

Cute.. but any downsides?

Tololy said...

Well happy new year to all those who buy into China.

iDip said...

Yes there are, you can find some by visiting the links I included above,
you'll find some interesting information, but I preferred not to mention them for two reasons:
1- I love to look at the bright side.
2- I don't want to violate article 54 of the Kuwaiti Constitution (of 1962).

Nevertheless, I wrote this post/entry in a period of interregnum. (read the previous post: the Kuwaiti interregnum).

and a happy new year to you too :)

Ms.Baker said...

Dear iDip -

Hmm. I was born in the year of the rooster. Am I still welcome here? ;)

MsB ( excellent post, BTW)

:: muslim artist :: said...

you forgot to mention a snakes negative qualities... oh wait, nevermind! I guess he showed is to us when he ousted the true Emir through a coup d'etat blanc!

*fyi: my sarcasm is not directed at you.

iDip said...


you're welcome anytime... every year.

muslim artist,

I didn't forget to mention them. actually I didn't want to.

coup d'etat blanc?
I think now "il'est l'etat", until he designates a Prime Minister.

and feel free to write what ever you want,
sarcasm is vital .

Sabri Hakim said...

cant wait till rats year comes around

Psychedelic D. said...

9 to 11 you say? No wonder I have no success in life, given the choice, I am usually sleeping on those hours.

Happy *Woof woof* year everyone.. Or doggy, as iDip calls it..