Sunday, January 15, 2006

From Denial to Grief

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Woke up to at 07:15 after having 3 hours of sleep, my sister tells me not to leave bed and continue sleeping "mako dawam el-yoam" (no work for today), and she was acting in way like "please don't know" and my parents were still asleep. Then she left my room… Where is she?

I felt some suspicion… "what's going on?" I looked for my cellphone to find messages saying "Sheikh Jaber passed away. RIP"…. It took me around 15 minutes to get myself out of the state of denial, doubt & disbelieve. Passed away? He's sick.. yes.. but?! No "he WAS!?"

Then clouds of sorrow kept shadowing me, I feel them now while writing this…

I stopped thinking about him as "The Sovereign" but as anyone of us, I'm thinking of his family, relatives, friends and fellow citizen … all of them… I feel sorry for him, for Kuwaitis… for every single kid (including me) who sang for 'Baba Jaber'.

I never thought of post-Jaber Kuwait, things will never be the same again, and I wish for better not worse.

محلل يا بومبارك


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

الله يرحمه و يسكنه الجنة إنشاءالله

Shurouq said...

عظم الله أجرك

Papillona ® said...

الله يرحمه

ananyah said...

im still in shock as well.... i got the sms at 7am (UK TIME) after he passed away and the tears were down my face!

allah yer7ama

MasKeeNa said...

aLLah yer7ma il'3aly..wallah mthl obona...dam3ti b3yoni wana aktb... i still can't believe what i heard!!! plz ya ahal ilq8... ed3ola... hal insan il6ayb 3a6a waid 7ag deerta!!!

الـلهم اغفر للشيخ جـــابر الصباح وارحمه وعافه واعف عنه ..
واكرم نزله ووسع مدخله واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد ونقه من الذنوب والخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الابيض من الدنس ..
اللـهم اجعل قبره روضة من رياض الجنة ولاتجعلها حفرة من حفر النيران ..
اللـهم آمين آمين ..

(dont fall kuwait..dont cry...we will sill hold u up high)!!!

"from a pure heart.. a heart of a kuwaity girl"


forzaq8 said...

i got nearly the same reaction i was awake and was going to browse the internet when my mother came to ask if i was or not and if i heard the news and she told me that shiek jaber has died

NuNu™ said...

عظم الله أجر الكويت

Anonymous said...

عظم الله اجرك واحسن عزاك

AyyA said...

May his soul rest in peace