Sunday, January 15, 2006

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This episode is about two issues of “Noor Al-Islam” Magazine (Egypt), issued by “The Preach & Guidance Ulama* of the Egyptian State”.

What surprised me is that this magazine is still available by the same guys. (see: Al-Azhar).

*Ulama: Religious Scholars.

In both issues I chose topics from the “Islamic World NEWS” section. So we can put ourselves in their shoes and think the way they did 67 years ago.

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  • Date: 21st of January 1939.

The Cover

About “New Egyptian Exports” in a cultural sense, referring to Egyptian movies and lottery tickets.

  • Date: 22nd of March 1939.

The Cover

The story on the top is about some “governmental efforts” in Egypt regarding “perverted” music.
The other story is about how Transordan started to charge any “safira” women (unveiled) in public -a charge equivalent of 5 Egyptian Pounds-, and I don’t know what did they mean by “safira”, a women not covering her face, head/hair or body?

More episodes to come.

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geo said...

67 years and we're still discussing the same issues .. songs and the way women dress .. 67 years and nothing changed.. all i can say is:

هذا التخلف ولا بلاش