Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bin & Bin Co.

Early P.S: I'm writing this post in English because this computer lacks an Arabic keyboard.

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When I was exploring Kuwaiti blogs, I found a blog with Links to the Official websites of two Sheikhs or Imams: Bin Baz & Bin Othaimeen...

I felt so sorry for him/her.... why....

Because of two things:-

1- Imam Bin Baz -being (he's dead now) a blind man- missed the opportunity to see our sphere "The Blue Planet", so he said that Earth is Flat (not the Flatness in Thomas Friedman's latest book), and adding that the "Kafara" or who follows them are disrespecting the Quran by denying this FACT...


After arriving back to Saudi Arabia, Prince Sultan bin Salman Al Saud (the 1st Arab Astronaut) met the sheikh and told him that after being in the space and watching the earth from above, he "discovered" that earth is not flat,


the distinguished Imam changed his mind and denied the Flatness of Earth.

2-Imam Bin Othaimeen (dead as well) issued a 'fatwa' that prohibits Muslims from congratulating 'Nasara' (Christians) for Christmas, because sharing this occasion with the 'Kafara' includes a sense of sharing their belief in Trinity & the crucifixion of Jesus.

Anyone: are you willing to follow any of them?!!
I won't!!


Anonymous said...

The answer is: of course not. I was/am blessed with a brain.

Anonymous said...

And to tell you the truth I follow Ben and Jerry's teachings :)

iDip said...

You're right NYchick, humans are blessed with brains, but the question is 'who uses them?'

That reminds me of something Al-Jawahiri (Famous Iraqi Poet/Icon) said in a long poem, he said:
وآمنت إيمان من لا يرى
سوى العقل في الشك من مرجع

Youssef001 said...

I wanted to ask you do you think God created you without purpose... on the other hand you will not say that if you go to work is without any purpose ... or will you say there is no creator ... on the other hand you will not say that for example all the cars and planes and road infrastructure never been created, that there is not someone who created that , no of course man created it..., and of course God created this intelligence, He created the man and not without purpose, as you don't do things without purpose can you ascribe to God what you don't ascribe to yourself, Indeed God created the Earth and Heavens and all what is between not for a foolish reason.

Verily these two mens you are taking about were very clever learned pious, good mannered, loved by million and million of People, God-fearing, and above all that there are Inchaallah in Paradise...Allahu Akbar
now what about you where is you place after death... are you ready for that?? don't you now that death is close, every hours, every minutes which pass bring you closer to it (and of course me too)?? Do you love to die and meet your Creator the Most Mercifull... or are you afraid of the meeting with your Lord are you from the criminals, or unjust... If you are confident so whish to yourself the death... If not ...
Verily I don't wish bad to you, but I advice you and myself to Fear God.
And know that I love this two mens, and what they stand for, and know alsd that a much bigger number of people that me and you know love these two mens and Inchaallah God too love them.

Adnan said...

may Allah have mercy on the ummah of muhammad(sas). verily if you believe in Allah, His messengers, His Books, His Angels, and the Last Day, then you must refer to the Quran, the complete message given to Rasulallah where Allah says to go to people who have knowledge if you do not(quran 21:7 and 16:43).

Rasulallah told us that the sincere scholars have a place with Allah that no one else can reach, and that they are the inheritors of the Prophet’s estate in passing it on to the world.

Rasulallah said “The virtue of the scholar to a worshipper (Aabid) is similar to the virtue of the moon when it is full to the rest of the stars. And verily the scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets. Verily the Prophets did not leave behind dirhams and deenars, but rather they left behind knowledge. Thus whoever takes it, takes it as a bountiful share.” – Authentic, narrated by Abu Dawood, tirmidhi, and Ibn Majah.

so it is mandated that we look to the scholars of ilm in this Deen of ours. just as we ourselves do have a brain and knowledge, but we do not treat ourselves when afflicted with a disease or any pain in the body but refer to the doctors for answers, then when we need answers to our religion(islam) we must also refer to those who are scholars.

When you go to the Quraan and you read a verse from the Quraan and you explain that verse without having the propher knowledge, without following the proper methodology, you might be and only Allaah swt knows, actually following your own hawaa, following your own desires, you might be following an inspiration from the Shaytaan, you might be following dhann (conjecture), which Allaah swt speaks about in many places in the Qur'aan, or it might actually be some kind of inspirataion from Allaah swt, but most likely it is not the last case. And why is it not the last case? Because as we will talk about it later, you did not follow the proper methodology of talking about the Qur'aan and if you did not follow a proper methodology of talking about the Quran, then you have committed a sin already. Just by talking about the Quraan, without proper knowledge, by giving interpretation of the Quraan, without proper knowledge, without proper background, without being qualified to do so, then you've already committed a sin. And since you are commiting a sin, it is very unlikely in most cases that Allaah swt will bless you through that sin to give you the right nterpretation of the Quran.

Allah also punishes a people by first taking the knowledge away(by taking the souls of those scholars that have knowledge) so I pray Allah bless us with many more scholars of his deen and have mercy and be well pleased with the scholars bin baz, uthaymeen, and albani that have passed away, truly it is loss for our ummah in these times of fitnah.