Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Firefox: 50 Million and still counting!

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I never believed I'll find a real reliable, secure, light and efficient browser in my cyber-life...

Not anymore, after using Firefox for the 1st time last November I knew that there are still good guys on the web.

I used IE (name any version since 1996), and Netscape (4.0 to 7.0) and Opera as well, with each I faced a problem:

- With IE I'm not safe AT ALL! and I need to debug and respond to error messages every now & then, plus it hasn't got the tabs delicacy.
- With Netscape I couldn't view some pages made with Frontpage (by Microsoft), and it's not a light software.
- With Opera I couldn't read Arabic fonts properly and kept switching from left to right all the time.


with Firefox my days got better, I'm able to enjoy my time on the web, saving headaches and feeling the great sense of security ... there are good people to rely on in Mozilla ........ Trust Mozilla, why?? have you ever heard of a company that would give you money If you found a bug in its browser other than Mozilla!??

Last but not least, this blog didn't get any post from any browser other than Firefox, it works great with it, either with my Mac or PC, so stop pondering and go & download Firefox for free NOW & forever.

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