Monday, May 02, 2005

قف دون رايك في الحياة مجاهدا ... ان الحياة عقيدة وجهاد

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اهداء الى كل من



Mad M 2000


Bloo said...

off topic **weird topic thu have to say** thanks for adding me on flickr thu im not a flickr girl.. i just use flickr for the blog.

now, i want to place a relative comment to your blog. its really interesting -and reassuring- that you have yed3ot a7ranot as a refrence.. i definitely loved reading that newspaper alot, and seeing th eother part always clears up the matters from our side.


iDip said...

hello vintage,

you remind me of myself, I also started using flickr as an uploading "pad", since I'm not an FTP person yet.