Monday, May 16, 2005

Finally! 16th May 1999-2005

16th May 1999:
H.H. Amir of Kuwait issued an Amiri Decree that allowed women to vote and run in the Elections, but the Parliament voted against the Decree by a small margin (2 votes).

Exactly six years later

16th May 2005:
The Parliament votes for (35) women's rights to vote and run in the Elections, with (23) MPs against and (1) abstaining (That's the Speaker, Jasim Al-Khrafi MP).

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Finally, our 'Laming Half-Democracy' morphs into an almost full one.
It's so good for now, but there are two more things that some want to be done with:-
1- Rights for Kuwaiti of ages between 18-21. (I agree with)
2- Right to vote for the Military, both of the Ministries of Defence & Interior. (I agree for the Ministry of Interior Military Personnel not the Defence's).

As long as I'm not a decision maker, I avail my self of this occasion to congratulate every single Kuwaiti, without any exception.

A little bit off subject piece: I'll think about keeping the blue button on the right menu until 2007 electoral campaign, or replacing it by another one.
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..from the Desk of the Informers. said...

Beautiful, I am going around insulting peoples sites.. but yours is actually good and has a point. I might link you, though don't worry.. you won't assume any of the bad reputation or horrible things that I say.

PatCA said...

Congratulations, sister!

PatCA said...

Oops, brother!

Desert Island Boy said...

Congratulations, this is no small victory for Kuwait, and for the rest of the arab world!

Here's a manual trackback to my write-up

iDip said...

Thank you all.

I red those touchy words on a BBC page called 'Have your say'

(" Though your land mass is quite small to the total Arab world, you are now a bright beacon that millions of your neighbours can look to as they dream of someday having a say in their future. Sure, you have a ways to go, but doubling your numbers of eligible votes is a step in the right direction.
Dave, NYC ")

Thank you Dave as well

Rawand said...

alf mabrook. I can not stop smilling every time I say it :). and about that BBC'e have yore say, pleas try to go thier and post a comment. lets show the world that we care.