Thursday, February 09, 2006

حكومة الدقة و نص

On 14/2/2001, Al-Rai Al-Aam published 'leaked' information about the new government. Everybody knew it was Sheikh Sabah's government (ex- PM's 1st deputy & FM) not Sheikh Saad's (ex-Crown Prince & PM).

People nicknamed it the "Valentine's Cabinet" and the "Hala February Cabinet".

On 9/2/2006 AD - 10/1/1427 AH (today) KUNA publishes 'confirmed' information about new cabinet:

By: Al-Qabas - Edited by: iDip.

The Prime Minister sends the new cabinet disignation to HH the Amir. (KUNA)
HH the Amir issues Amiri Decree #7 of 2006, approving the PM's designation. (KUNA)

This cabinet will last for 1 & 1/2 year (دقة ونص), and the new governmental anthem will be:
قومي تنرقص يا حكومة
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PS: لا تنسوا الحكومة بالدعاء اناء الليل و اطراف النهار


AyyA said...

Refer to Princess’ do3a (Wallada) ;p

Shurouq said...

أي رقص؟ آنا ناوية أشتري عبي وحجابات لزوم المرحلة

شرقاوي said...

رحم الله أبا العلاء المعري حين قال:

تلوا باطلاً و جلوا صارماً
وقالوا صدقنا فقلنا نعم