Monday, February 06, 2006


“Bloggers Tagging Syndrome”

Tagged by: The Stallion.

Target: Female.

  1. Intelligent.
  2. Decent.
  3. Has a tendency towards exploring new frontiers & learning from new experiences.
  4. Humorous
  5. Social.
  6. Stands up for what she believes in without being dogmatic or narrow-minded.
  7. Loves life.
  8. Responsible.

Tagging the following 8:
  1. I
  2. will
  3. not
  4. do
  5. B
  6. T
  7. S
  8. again.
PS: (from Blogger Status)

"Just a quick reminder that we will be going ahead with a planned network maintenance on Monday the 6th from 7–8PM PST. Blogger and Blog*Spot blogs will be unavailable during that time.

This maintenance won’t fix everything, but it will make things better. I promise."


NuNu™ said...

You're the best cause you choosed not to tag anyone.

Anonymous said...

Do I need special requirements for a moleblog?

Hashemy said...

nice post wala o momayaz amanatan :)

Anonymous said...

You rock.

Spontaneousnessity said...

I can hardly tell who tags who lately..

iDip said...

nunu & mini r,


no you're doing fine.

really!! I don't think so

thank you anyway :)

you're right, and I don't think anyone can tell.