Monday, February 20, 2006

Who monitors corruption?

I assume you heard of the Global Corruption Report of 2006 (by Transparency International).

Al-Watan published a translation of the part on Kuwait, today. (Link)

What puzzles me is that the part on Kuwait was done by the Kuwait Economic Society KES. (See: Rola Dashti)

So does that mean that Kuwait has reliable & responsible NGOs?
Or does it mean that the part on Kuwait was biased & deficient?
will the Government try to persuade the KES to "trim" its monitor on corruption in Kuwait, as a deal to support women & businessmen candidates in 2007 Elections? (See: Conspiracy Theory).

or am I being skeptic today?


forzaq8 said...

can't blame you
its hard to trust a lot of stuff here in kuwait

clean government when you see some heads rotten

the claim they are cleaning baladiya then remove the guy who tried and install someone who is 99% going to blow everything out


Interesting questions IDip. I'd like to know the answers too if they ever become available to the public with facts to back them up.

There isn't any government on this earth that isn't corrupt in some fashion. Humans are imperfect and their continuous change makes them susceptible to corruption. Some play Gods for the adrenaline rush of power. Some perceive reality through their own idealism although they state that they totally follow rules and serve the people.

Here's something to consider: If their roles are to serve the public/people without getting any rewards for their hard work, do you think they wouldn't be corrupt? Humans are never satisfied. So corruption will be a fact of life amongst government positions and overseers.

All I know is Kuwait is a young and small country and we have come a long way from seafaring and nomadic trade and mud houses to being one of the richest countries in the world per capita as well as having the strongest currency in the world, amongst many other aspects. We ARE improving. We ARE trying.

iDip said...


the problem is: day after day, people are losing their trust in the government & the parliament, and that's too dangerous.

nevertheless, people re-elect MPs known for being corrupt.

you're right, we're trying.

btw, your comment reminded me of a thought of mine, that lingers in my head:
"Nations love to have good laws & constitutions, while hating the fact to abide. Simply because, humans aren't perfect to be completely lawful and need corruption to get things done the way they want, without having legal headaches"

long story short: Humans subconsciously regret having good laws.